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Nikki Haley Should See The Writing On The Wall


Not since 1976 has the GOP nominee for president started the nominating contest season by winning both Iowa’s caucuses and New Hampshire’s primary election. Donald Trump’s sweeping victories in both contests make it clear: Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

That’s all to the good. Trump is the All-American candidate for president, and that’s why Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund — the Super PAC associated with Tea Party Patriots Action, the nation’s largest Tea Party group — decided to endorse him for president. Now it’s time for everyone who wants to restore America’s greatness to rally around Trump and launch the preparations for the fall campaign.

The remaining candidate should withdraw from the race and redeploy her remaining money and manpower against Joe Biden and the Democrats. Republicans from the top of the ticket to the bottom — along with Republican party officials at the national, state, and local level, and major donors — should all be working together to prepare for the fall elections, so they can achieve victory at all levels.

That way, they will control more seats in the next Congress — with a larger Republican majority in the House, a new Republican majority in the Senate, and a Republican back in the White House — that will allow them to follow through and enact necessary conservative policy changes.

Life with Trump as president was much better — for more people — than is life with President Biden.

America was respected by our allies and feared by our adversaries.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin kept the Russian Army in check. China’s Xi Jinping didn’t dare threaten Taiwan. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un shut down his nation’s nuclear missile tests.

In the Middle East, Trump withdrew the U.S. from President Barack Obama’s ill-advised nuclear deal with Iran and, when events warranted, boldly ordered an air strike against General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force. Trump directed his administration to work with Israel and with some of America’s other Middle Eastern allies; the result was the Abraham Accords, a series of bilateral agreements in which Israel opened diplomatic relations for the first time with Bahrain, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates, and began the process of serious discussions toward normalization of relations with Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

At home, America’s borders were better secured. Border Patrol agents were focused on interdicting drug flows, rather than simply processing illegal aliens into the country.

Economic growth was strong, and prosperity was widespread — unemployment reached decades-long lows across the board, among blacks, Hispanics, and women. Domestic energy production reached new heights, and for the first time in 75 years, the U.S. became a net oil exporter.

America can be great again, with the right leadership — with Trump’s leadership.

Tens of millions of Americans recognize this, and are looking forward to the opportunity to vote for Trump, both in their states’ upcoming primary elections and in the general election. Now the focus must shift — it’s time to secure and win the elections.

Republicans should recognize they’ve got from now until mid-September (when the first early-vote ballots will be cast) to ensure victory in the fall elections. They should use that time to draw simple but effective contrasts with the Democrats.

Nikki Haley should recognize reality — she is not going to be the presidential nominee of the Grand Old party — and she should follow the examples of Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy and Tim Scott and others and withdraw from the presidential nominating contest, so the money and manpower resources she would have spent fruitlessly over the coming weeks could instead be redirected into more fruitful pursuits on behalf of the party’s larger interests.

Results out of Iowa and New Hampshire make it clear — the party’s voter base is united behind its nominee. It’s time for the party’s elected officials, party leaders and major donors to join the effort.

And it’s time for the party’s congressional leadership — in both houses — to get on the same page, and begin working to shape the contours of the race to the party’s advantage.

Every four years, we are told that “this will be the most important election of our lifetimes.” This time, that old adage may actually be accurate. It’s time for Republicans to stop their internecine arguments and join forces against their true political opponents. America’s patriots are counting on them.

Jenny Beth Martin is Honorary Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action.

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