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Houseplants? Is The Family Dog Next

Okay, these Greenies have to get themselves a hobby. I have no idea what their endgame is, but all of us moving back into caves might be a good guess. But don’t even think about starting a campfire to cook or keep warm. No fire is allowed in the Green Utopia. These people are simply insane, and if they believe all they tout, then stop pushing your ideas on the masses and go live in a yurt.

There were three stories this month telling us what we need to drink, eat, or fill our homes with. Bill Gates is involved with the first two. I realize a lot of people hate Microsoft. I am not one of them, and I think Bill Gates was a genius. And what he created in his garage was the impetus for the most dynamic period of growth in our lifetimes. But notice I wrote he was a genius. That was deliberate, as I think Bill has crossed that fine line between genius and insanity. When Gates left the world of computers to save the world, I think he lacked focus on what world he was saving. It appears he wants to transform rather than save it, and I believe his transformative ideas should have been moved to the Trash or Spam folder.

His first target was eliminating methane gas by doing away with cattle, pigs, chickens, face it, anything we humans love to eat. It is still up in the air if he wants to ban fish, too. Gates believes we can replace all of our delicious proteins with plant-based alternatives. To Bill Gates, I say, take your paws off my medium-rare fillet. I will not eat a burger made out of any green plant. But wait, it gets worse as Gates has moved on from Vegan Meat to Manufactured Meat. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

UPSIDE Foods, a California-based lab-grown meat company, recently announced that it received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In November 2022, the company received the green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). UPSIDE Foods has the financial backing of Bill Gates.

Upside is starting with cultivated chicken. The manufactured “meat” will be created in a factory, starting with chicken stem cells. This process will not do away with animals as long as there is a need for their cells. The only idea that is more ludicrous would be 3D printer-meats. Trust me, they are not far away. And we didn’t even get into purified drinking water from septic tanks.

The Washington Post reported this week the new claim by the Greenies that houseplants are harmful to the planet. I do not know of any house void of plants, and now you are dipping into the control of women’s lives as most household horticulturists are women, and you do not want to continue messing with women’s rights. There is no actual data as to what houseplants are doing to the environment, but when are we going to realize that America alone cannot control weather trends? This is the fact that destroys most plans. America is only about 10% of the earth’s landmass. If we are the only country to adopt a health remedy, it may show virtue but will not make an appreciable dent in climate change. Also, everyone admits the air quality above the U.S. has improved dramatically over the last few decades without vast government mandates. But if banning whoppers and the family geranium is the goal, you may have issues.

This is not the last effort to change and restrict our lives. If these misguided souls even give a quick glance at one of our dogs, you will meet resistance like you only dreamed of.

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