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Biden Declares January Human Trafficking Prevention Month

When I first heard of Jo Biden declaring January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month, I thought this was a story from the Babylon Bee site. I felt that even Joe Biden could never be so tone-deaf as to mock the most significant human trafficking operation in history by recognizing a tragic situation with a White House Declaration honoring its existence. During Joe Biden’s first administration, every month sets a new record in illegal crossings, apprehensions, and get-always. Nearly 1.2 million illegals cross the Rio Grande. These people are scattered across America before they can undergo a proper background check. There have been dozens of Aliens who have been stopped on the Border and who were known to be sponsored terrorists. There is no way of knowing how many terrorists managed to avoid detection and are now living among us. That makes our Border a failure of National Security. And only one person is responsible for that failure, and that is President Joe Biden.

There are two key issues in Biden’s proclamation putting a label on the Month of January. One is the concession or appeasement of certain blocks of people or special interest groups; the other is a continued effort to sever our connection with our history and traditions. This thought line came to me last week when I saw an online post by the Bidens wishing all a happy Kwanzaa. I reacted to the post by searching to see if there was also a post celebrating the Feast of Festivus. My thinking is both “holidays” have the same historical significance. One was created by a Black man in 1966, and the other was the product of a famous sitcom. Neither has deep-rooted historical significance, but there is a vast difference between the two. No group, other than Seinfeld groupies, knows11 what Festivus is, but to not acknowledge Kwanzaa will get you labeled as a Racist. This fear of being targeted as a Racist is why we have significant thoroughfares in cities like Minneapolis or Washington D.C. painted with BLM or Black Lives Matter. Nobody in America after the George Floyd death would dare say anything negative about the Black Lives Matter movement even though a couple of years after its inception, it was exposed for the money laundering pyramid scheme that it was.

The hypocrisy of Biden to even touch the topic of human trafficking is appalling. The Mexican Cartels are making billions extorting families from around the world in exchange for safe passage across the Border into America. There are horrid stories of women raped during their journey, and the U.S. government has lost nearly 30,000 juveniles who have crossed the Border and have now fallen out of the system. These children are suspected to be involved in the sex trade or the illegal, underage workforce. For Biden to attach himself to this month-long focus is to put himself in focus for his utter failure at our Southern Border, and now our Northern Border as it too is currently being breached.

Being tone-deaf to the complaints and wants of the people is bad enough, but to be absolutely deaf to the criticism Biden faces on nearly every policy front is inexcusable for someone like him who has been in the system for half a century.

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