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KJP Confuses Immigration With Border Assault

We know that Karine Jeanne-Pierre lies and twists the truth every time her lips move behind the podium, but when addressing Border Security, she refuses to face the facts and address the issue. It makes my blood boil how she spews falsehoods and a room full of “journalists” sit quietly and refuse to challenge the Press Secretary. The White House has been inserting John Kirby into the mix with KJP because he has a little more credibility, but what he has is waning. They convolute the two issues of Legal Immigration and the illegal act of crashing our Border. One walks over the bridge, and the other walks through the water and squats under the bridge. While Congress is on Christmas break, 100,000 illegals will enter our country. That is not the Republican’s fault but that of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris

Jeanne-Pierre is insulting with her lies and her condescending tone. She uses the same argument every time someone questions the illegals, and not a single reporter calls her. She refers to the broken Immigration System that Biden inherited from Trump but says nothing of the control Trump had over the Border. These media reps are complicit by allowing her to get her soundbite that will be used on every mainstream media outlet without rebuff. Kirby is no better. This week, Kirby was asked about illegals apprehended and given court dates in 2030, seven years away. Nobody will have a clue where to look for these people in seven years. His response was an avoidance of the question. He said that was a concern of DHS, and he would not comment on their practices. The Department of Homeland Security falls under the Executive Branch, and Biden and his spokespeople should be accountable for its policies and actions. The House has threatened to impeach Mayorkas, the head of the DHS, for months. They have the evidence needed. Pull the trigger.

How long can we wait to take action against Biden and anyone even remotely responsible for the surge of humanity across the Rio Grande? Every one of them is complicit in destroying the sovereignty of America. There were only 19 terrorists in the cell that staged the attack on America on 9/11. There have been over 120 known terrorists apprehended in three years, and we do not know how many have deflected apprehension and are somewhere in America. The Border is beyond chaotic state, with over 200 crossers per Border Agent per day coming to America. There is no vetting. We have no idea where these military-aged men are from that Joe Biden has welcomed into our land. Biden’s actions, or non-actions, are criminal if not treasonous, but what the brainwashed people who get their news from the mainstream believe is that the Republicans are to blame for the twelve million new residents of America. The number of crossers who have been allowed to stay is greater than the population of 41 states. No, KJP, Biden has not done all he can to curb the Border crisis. He has done nothing, and that was his intention.

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Ray Cardello

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