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‘Fraudulent’: Alan Dershowitz Reveals How Claudine Gay Ascended To Harvard’s Presidency

Harvard University President Claudine Gay was able to ascend to the ivy league university’s top post by being a major champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz said Monday.

Gay received major blowback after her congressional testimony last week, where she refused to say whether students and applicants would be held accountable for using phrases like “from the river to the sea,” which has connotations of wiping out Israel. Despite multiple calls for her to step down, over 500 Harvard faculty members signed a letter defending Gay, saying that the university’s “independence” needed to be protected amid “political pressures.”


“[DEI] is the main cause of anti-Semitism today. It divides students along racial and religious lines and creates a zero-sum game. If you’re in favor of one group you’re [against] another group,” Dershowitz told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. “It is a real problem. It is anti-intellectual, it is dishonest in many ways. Look, it uses the word diversity, but only means racial diversity. Less than 3% of the faculty at Harvard identify as conservative. They say equity, which suggests equality, but equity is the exact opposite of equality. Indeed under equity, if you dare to quote Martin Luther King’s dream of a world where children are judged not by the color of their skin, but by content of their character, you have committed a microaggression. Inclusion, Larry Summers made it clear that inclusion has excluded Jews over the years.”

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill and Board of Trustees Chair Scott Bock resigned Saturday amid pressure over Magill’s congressional testimony, which resulted in the school losing a $100 million donation. Magill had backtracked on her initial remarks to Congress.

“So, it’s a fraudulent concept, a dangerous concept, but 700 of my colleagues at Harvard, professors have come out pandering to President Gay and calling for her to remain on,” Dershowitz continued. “They don’t want people like you and me, who are now outsiders to have any influence on Harvard but they refuse to answer the legitimate points made by people like Bill Ackerman, they just dismiss him out of hand because he’s a rich alumni.”

Gay issued a clarification in a statement posted on X Wednesday, a day after she was grilled by Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York about antisemitic actions on the university’s campus.

“Schools are, colleges and universities are not only the current faculty, not only the current students but they are alumni and they are the future students, they are great institutions and DEI is destroying these institutions and President Gay is a product of DEI,” Dershowitz said. “She championed it. That’s how she became president. She is the symbol of DEI and the symbol has failed and she must also recognize her own failure and her role in that failure.”

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  1. Very interesting analysis, but then we all knew liberals are not really liberal. There is a very strict code with which they impose their tyranny.

  2. Gay won’t get fired because she is black and a DEI selectee. She doesn’t have the common sense or decency to resign for the good of the college. The once great Harvard is done. It is no longer a premier university. It is just an antisemitic indoctrination center. Student enrollment will drop and donations will dry up, that will be Gay’s legacy.

  3. The states need to bring Biden’s illegal DEI executive order to the Supreme Court. This illegal order mandates DEI hiring in every government agency and office in the country. The Democrat’s and Biden’s perverse idea of Diversity (anti-white), Equity (equal outcomes/Socialism), and Inclusion (trans rights) are the worst government policies ever instituted and are blatantly illegal because they violate all our civil rights laws that say there can be no discrimination based on “race, sex, or national origin”. They are bringing about illegal Federal and even private company policies that call for hiring whites last and firing them first. Not to mention they are destroying the foundational principle of America as a “Meritocracy” where anyone can advance based on their qualifications and merit; not based on their skin color, their sex, or their sexual “identity”.

    We can clearly see the incompetence this DEI “mantra” has caused in our government with the likes of Biden’s “diversity” hires for VP, our Transportation Secretary, the trans fake Admiral who is the highest “officer” in our Health and Human Services Dept. and the former “non-binary” idiot who was in charge of our nuclear waste disposal who got fired and arrested for stealing women’s luggage from airport carousels. Of course, no white men among those diverse, anti-Semitic college Presidents that are indoctrinating our children. What do you think is going to happen when our Pilots and Doctors and Judges are all hired on the basis of their race or sexual identity instead of their ability? It should be DIE not DEI……..

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