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CEOs and COOs Used To Rule, But Now Bend To DEI

Historically, American businesses used to have a hierarchy where young men and women aspired to climb the ranks to achieve a shot at the corner office. The corner office was always a symbol of power and success, and the nameplate usually read Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer. It was at the top of the pyramid until now. The new ruler of maybe every aspect of American life, from Corporate America to Education, is DEI. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is the new poison destroying America’s heart and soul. No longer is America the Land of Opportunity for all. It is now slanted to those who satisfy the DEI parameters. There is no longer a place for straight white men or women at the top of any corporate structure.

Ironically, DEI is setting back Civil Rights and the Women’s Movement, and Blacks and Females never saw what hit them. When Joe Biden succumbed to the pressures of DEI and proclaimed his Vice President and Supreme Court Nominee would be Black Women, and then named Harris and Brown. These two women have shown they were not qualified for their respective positions and have sullied the prospects of future Black Candidates. The appearance before Congress last week by Harvard President Claudine Gay was an embarrassment and pointed out her lack of preparedness for the position. Gay made many question her qualifications for the job, and many have made it very simplistic: she is Black and female. Rumors have surfaced that she plagiarized her Doctorate thesis, putting Harvard in an extremely precarious position. Over 700 Harvard faculty have signed a petition supporting Gay, but the calls for her resignation persist. After the U Penn President stepped down, the public pushed for the same from Harvard and MIT. 

Harvard has opted to stand behind their embattled president and say that her plagiarism has already been addressed, which means her actions are recognized and will go unpunished. Plagiarism used to be a significant offense in academics and writing, but under the new rules, you can use someone else’s words as your own and be President of Harvard or the United States. The fact that Harvard cannot move against President Gay is further proof of the power of DEI. Once you bend a knee to the movement, you can never flex your muscles again. This is a vast rabbit hole to slip into.

Hiring parameters currently used by Harvard to comply with their DEI Department are disgusting

  1. White, Asian, and Indian Men are given little consideration and considered overachievers and over recognized
  2. White women are not given the same consideration as their Black counterparts.
  3. Black and Brown men and women are given high priority, as are transgender

The old-school thinking of equal treatment for all, regardless of sex, race, or color, is obviously dead. It used to be that the discrimination of any person based on any parameter other than achievements was a civil rights violation. That thinking no longer has any merit and having President Biden or Gavin Newsom specify their choices for political positions would be narrowed to Black females shows how far the words of Martin Luther King Jr have been left behind us. We are no longer an individual, but a label to pigeonhole us into a box.

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