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Tunnels to Towers Is Doing What The Government Could Not

Is it ignorance, naivety, laziness, or a product of indoctrination that Democrats and a generation of young people think that the government can satisfy their needs from the crib to the grave? We have a history of failures from Education to Social Security and Medicare, and the government is too big and unmotivated to solve problems, except for the opportunities the system offers to make them wealthy. The government aims to grow the government and proliferate the people’s dependence on the system. This process keeps the populace reelecting the same inept politicians for lifetime tenure. I wrote about one of our biggest failures last week. That issue is the treatment of our military personnel while they are serving, but more importantly, when they return to civilian life. 

About 255,000 veterans in the United States aged between 35 and 54 had an income below the poverty level. Over 500,000 veterans aged 65 and older have an income below the poverty level – the most out of any age group. Even sadder are the 68,000 homeless veterans and the 22 veterans who end their lives each day. This ugly truth is an American tragedy that nobody in the government wants to talk about, let alone solve. Thank God Frank Siller is not in our government.

Tunnel to Towers Foundation Chairman and CEO Frank Siller formed his Foundation in loving memory of his little brother, Stephen Siller, a New York Firefighter who gave his life in service, saving the lives of others in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Frank has made it his mission to help Gold Star Families, maimed victims of battle, and now he is tackling the homeless problem of our Veterans. Frank Siller is accomplishing what the government can not even think of doing. Frank is giving hope and respect back to our sons and daughters who were kicked to the curb by the system. Frank Siller is a hero.

We have all seen the commercials, and I admit to chills when I watch them. Frank asks for $11 a month from Americans, but what he does with the equivalent of two large cups of coffee is nothing short of magical. I watch the recent series of TV spots and marvel at what this man and his Foundation are doing nationwide to tackle Veteran homelessness. His track record ensures he will not rest until no Veteran sleeps on the street.

Across the country, T2T is converting hotel-style buildings into living centers for Vets. This weekend, they unveiled a facility in Houston that will house 105 of our finest. Frank lost his brother, Steve, on 9/11, but Steve left America with an angel. That may sound soft or hyperbole, but this man has shown what can be done when you bring people and resources together to solve a problem. Our military never leaves a brother or sister behind. America should not leave these Veterans behind. It is not just a roof over their heads but services from job counseling to mental health assistance. This effort is a complete package, and the government should be envious of T2T. It is about time they recognize Frank Siller for his actions.

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