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Off Year Elections Show Abortion Still Number One Issue

There appears to be no issue that motivates voters as much as Abortion rights. You can maybe add the legalization of recreational Marijuana as a close second. There were a limited number of states with elections this year, but three states in particular should be warning signs for both Parties. Ohio and Virginia showed the power of Abortion rights as voting was unusually heavy in both states. Voters in Ohio blocked any future restrictions on the phase of pregnancy that a woman can choose to terminate her pregnancy.

Virginia was a more significant blow to Republicans and shows where the priorities are for Democrats. Republican Governor Youngkin has been making incredible strides in the traditionally Blue Commonwealth by restoring the parent’s role in the education process and bringing stability and savings to Virginia’s financial condition. Youngkin had the House on his side and hoped to flip the Senate. Voters were motivated to stop Republicans from restricting Abortion to the first fifteen weeks of a pregnancy. They came out and voted for Abortion over their children, kept the Senate Blue, and took the House back from the Republicans. These results put up a roadblock for Youngkin’s agenda for the remainder of his only term as Governor. Virginia has a one-and-done law for Governor, and Youngkin’s term ends in 2026, meaning gridlock for two years in Virginia.

The Republicans did maintain the corner office in Mississippi as the Governor was re-elected. There was no abortion question on the ballot. The GOP has to solve several issues before 2024. They must develop a stance on Abortion that is palatable for both sides of the aisle. To say no to Abortion will no longer work. There must be a viable time frame and concessions for specific situations, such as rape and incest. Possession of Marijuana is still a Federal Offense, but the states are overriding the Federal Statute if it is the will of the people. New Hampshire is holding out on Pot Shops, but my adopted state of Maine has a pot shop every mile on state highways. The pot industry is now the third largest industry in Maine, behind only Lobster and Wood. Trust me, when you drive in Maine, you know pot use is far too prevalent.

Republicans also need to embrace early voting and strengthen their ground game. One is a concession or compromise, and the latter is a need to get onto the street and talk to the people. Republicans can solve this issue by rolling up their sleeves and doing the work. We cannot sit back and wait for Biden to fail so badly that we don’t win the election but Biden loses it. The polls continue to favor Trump over Biden, but Trump is one guilty verdict away from these polls being worthless. The Republican debates trudge on with the battle for second place. These debates and all of the second-tier candidates are insignificant as long as Donald Trump is a free man and the leading candidate.

With two candidates under such intense legal issues, Trump with his 91 indictments and Biden with his looming impeachment action and possible indictments, we have never seen a Presidential election with so many potential complications that may derail either or both leading candidates. The Republicans cannot fail in 2024 and need strong leadership from Ronna McDaniel, head of the RNC. A unified, concerted effort is needed to end this Biden/Obama destruction of America. As for the Democrats, unless there is a ballot question for Abortion or Marijuana, there is no motivation for their supporters. Killing babies and getting high is more important to Democrats than a solid economy, stopping inflation, returning us to energy independence, and getting our schools back to educating, not indoctrinating, our children. Democrats should be embarrassed by the message they sent to America last night, but you need a conscience to be embarrassed.

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