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New Study By Groups Backed By Left-Wing Megadonors Claims That US Military Owes Over $100B In ‘Climate Reparations’

Two organizations backed by left-wing megadonors published a study on Monday that concludes that the U.S. military owes the world more than $100 billion in “climate reparations.”

Common Wealth and the Climate and Community Project (CCP) collaboratively published the report, which calculated the “social cost” to the developing world of the carbon emissions generated by U.S. military operations since 2015 to be at least $106 billion. Common Wealth receives funding from a host of left-wing organizations, including the Soros family’s Open Society Foundations, while CCP is a fiscally sponsored project of the Tides Center, according to its website, which serves as an incubator for scores of fledgling left-of-center organizations.

The report states that the U.S. should “introduce a specific military-focused climate reparations approach alongside other leading military powers” in order to “redirect government money that is currently spent on carbon-intensive military activity, to a reparative project of internationally governed climate financial flows to the Global South.” The study recommends that the U.S. reduce its military operations, shutter bases, establish a global military “superfund” designed to pay out remediations and make direct payments to developing countries above and beyond the “superfund.” (RELATED: Here’s How The Liberal Money Machine Is Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism)

The CCP describes itself as “a progressive climate policy think tank developing cutting-edge research at the climate-inequality nexus,” according to its bio on X, formerly Twitter, and it counts 20 university professors among its ranks, according to its website. Tides Center serves as the fiscal sponsor for the CCP, which means that Tides “provides fiduciary oversight, financial management and other administrative services” to help CCP get off the ground while it works to achieve nonprofit status with the government, according to the National Council of Nonprofits.

The Tides Center is the sister organization of the Tides Foundation, a massive left-of-center philanthropic group, and the two organizations combined paid out $638 million in 2021 alone, according to the Tides Foundation’s website.

Common Wealth, meanwhile, is an organization that believes “ownership is the structuring force in our economy and that current relations of property and power are social in origin — and therefore can and must be reimagined,” according to its website. Beyond the Open Society Foundations, which has shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars to a host of left-of-center causes and organizations worldwide, Common Wealth receives funding from other left-of-center grant-makers including the Laudes Foundation, the Sunrise Project, the Democracy Collaborative and the Oak Foundation, according to Common Wealth’s website.

The American military has “played a foundational role in the development of a global fossil fuel economy, through their massive historical consumption and their strategic expansion and protection of networks of fossil fuel extraction and distribution,” the report states. “Given the energy-intensive nature of military operations, funding must be redirected from wasteful activities toward the transformation of the domestic military industrial base and the development of a reparative program abroad and at home.”

Common Wealth and the Tides Center did not respond immediately to requests for comment, and the CCP could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Notice they call themselves “CCP”? Coincidence? I think not. And exactly what is “climate inequality”? Someone please explain – I’m SO confused…

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