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Hostage Swap Another Bad Deal

People from the U.S., Israel, Qatar, and Hamas negotiated the supposed hostage swap between Hamas and Israel. The agreement’s published terms indicate Hamas is in control of the situation, which makes no sense. Hamas started this conflict with the invasion of Israel on October 7, which Israeli authorities say killed 1,200 people and kidnapped about 240. That may have been the last stage controlled by Hamas, and since that day, Israel has been destroying the Hamas-occupied area of Gaza.

The information from Gaza, and specifically Hamas, has been sketchy from the start, including the actual number of hostages, proof of life, or the conditions they are held in. Hamas dares to insist these are not hostages but guests. Part of this deal includes a four-day ceasefire that favors Hamas. The break in action allows Hamas to regroup, move their troops, and rearm. Hamas will release 50 women and children, while the Israelis will, in turn send 150 male prisoners to Gaza. That is a 3 for 1 swap, and nobody is talking about cash, but you know Hamas will be getting money from the United States. We do not know if any of the first 50 “guests” will be Americans. This is a horrendous deal, but should we expect anything different with Biden’s people involved in the negotiations? We know Biden has been pushing for the ceasefire against Netanyahu’s wishes. Biden satisfies the Radical Left with the break.

Hamas will still hold 150 hostages after this weekend swap. They have the bargaining chips to control the future of this conflict. It is imperative for Israel and America to recover our people held by Hamas because we have respect for people and life. Hamas has no such feelings as was evident when they beheaded children and burned the elderly alive. These are not people but savages. You cannot, and should not, negotiate with savages.

The longer this battle goes, the more it will stress the relationship between Netanyahu and Biden. The war and Israel are becoming critical political liabilities for Biden. His poll numbers, which were already dismal, are dropping, especially in the crucial 18-40 age group. Biden had already lost his grip on Blacks, Browns, and even female voters, but he had to hold onto the youth vote, or his re-election was doomed. Young voters are backing Hamas and “Palestine,” which does not exist, and he is going to have to soften his support of Israel for the sake of any political future he sees. This is the problem with wars involving America and why we have not won a conflict since World War II. American politicians cannot allow the military to do their job and reach their objective. Netanyahu has been clear from the October invasion that Israel will obliterate Hamas. Biden may do all he can to prohibit that Israeli mission.

We can only hope this weekend’s transfer goes without incident, but then we have to wait for Hamas to dictate the fate of the remaining 200, and if they are facing their total demise at the hands of Israel, those remaining hostages may never see freedom.

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