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A Matter of When

The Hamas mantra is “from the river to the sea” to the Jews in Israel, but with Biden and the Democrat’s open border policies, how long before it comes to America? Many people on the terrorist watch list have already been apprehended at the border, and they suspect many more than that have escaped into the country. So, more than likely, it isn’t a matter of if it is a matter of when the mantra will be “from the Atlantic to the Pacific,” with terrorist attacks happening on a grander scale than what happened on 9-11

Biden and the Democrats seem to be so blinded by their Globalist Leftist ideology they don’t care or can’t see the danger.

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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Biden has destroyed the U.S. as a “sovereign” country with his open border that has killed almost three hundred thousand American citizens from the Chinese made fentanyl flowing across that open border. And how many will be killed in the inevitable terror attacks from the jihadists walking across that open border? Hundreds on the terror watch list. And that’s just the ones we know about. Over 73,000 “special interest” muslims from countries that hate us. And yet he happily funds both the biggest state supporter and trainer of terrorists around the world, Iran and the PLO. And, oh yeah, tens of thousands of Americans raped and murdered in our cities where criminals are set free because of Biden and the Democrats support of “no bail” and defund the police policies. Had enough yet America?

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