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A Bunch Of BS

Barbara Streisand is among the many celebrities who claim they are leaving America if Donald Tromp is elected again. May I recommend they move to the GAZA strip war zone that her party, the Democrats, helped to create with all the money sent to the number one State sponsor of terrorism, Iran, by Obama and Biden?

It shows how little those celebrities care about the middle-class everyday folks whose life was much better under Trump with low fuel prices, lower food cost, cost of living, inflation, and no new wars. Some experts say that a dollar under Trump is now worth less than .85 cents under Biden exercising Democrat policies. But rich celebrities could care less about that; they rather bitterly cling to their fantasy land politics to the detriment of the rest of us Americans.

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A.F. Branco

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One Comment

  1. Streisand and the likes of her never keep a promise. They won’t leave, they get too much attention when they start blathering about the BS they are famous for.

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