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‘The View’ Co-Host Claims Israel Already Committing ‘War Crimes’


“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin claimed Friday that Israel was committing “war crimes” by cutting off electricity to Gaza after deadly terrorist attacks rocked the country over the weekend.

The Israeli government urged residents of Gaza to evacuate Friday prior to the commencement of ground operations. Hamas terrorists attacked multiple locations in southern Israel Saturday, killing over 1,200 people, including 27 Americans.

“I do think that what we need to remember is that there is an international human rights body of law, and when you look at that law, part of it is that retaliation against innocent civilians collectively is also terror and is also a war crime,” Hostin told fellow panelists. “And, again, those are not my words, those are the words of the law.”


“The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said just last year, when we were all talking about Ukraine, she said, ‘Russia’s attacks against civilian infrastructure, especially electricity, are war crimes,” Hostin continued. “Cutting off men, women, children from water, electricity and heating with winter coming, these are acts of pure terror and we have to call it as such.’”

Hostin claimed Wednesday that Israel was violating international law with its air strikes in Gaza. Left-wing members of the House of Representatives also criticized Israel’s conduct in response to the attacks.

Co-panelist Ana Navarro pointed out that Hamas used civilians as human shields.

“I want to say, and I think this is very important, what Israel is saying consistently is, ‘If you want your water, if you want your electricity, release our hostages,’” Navarro said. “In my view that’s not an irrational question. That’s not an irrational demand. ‘Release our people that you are holding there. Human shields.’”

“And they should,” Hostin responded. “But in the process, they should really refrain from committing war crimes because they’re going to lose the goodwill that they have.”

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  1. People all forget the simple fact that Hamas knew exactly what Israel’s response was going to be and who would be paying the price for such an attack. They didn’t care!! Now the anti semites claim that what happened didn’t happen in one breath then in the other it’s what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people for the last 76 or so years. Do yourself a favor and check on your history of the area and don’t just limit it to what you hear from those idiots in the street or on Tik tox who spout hatred and misinformation. What concerns me most is how our so called future brighter minds are out there waving the Hamas banner!! Makes me think they’re not as bright as they think they are. Certainly makes me believe that these university’s who receive our tax dollars need to review their hiring practices of their professors as well as what these individuals spew out of their mouths to our children.

  2. Every episode of the View is a war crime. They are just a bunch of commie hags who’s combined knowledge of any subject is zero.

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