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Stop Financing It Or At Least Rename It

Planned Parenthood has such a positive ring. It sounds like an incredible organization for women and families that supports the place of Parenthood in the American culture. You could not be more wrong. You would be equally incorrect if you thought reproductive rights had anything to do with helping women through their pregnancy and the birth of their child. Planned Parenthood is a deadly destructive organization that prides itself on supporting abortion rights and providing abortion and pregnancy prevention services. Created initially as a network of inner-city abortion clinics aimed at controlling the growing Black population, Planned Parenthood is now recognized as the go-to spot in city or suburb alike to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Along the way, they have become politically active, supporting Pro-Choice candidates and causes with our money. Planned Parenthood receives money directly through Medicaid reimbursements and Health and Human Services grants. They are double-dipping as they work tirelessly to shrink our population through birth control and abortion, helped by $50 Million in taxpayer dollars annually.

If being complicit in killing over 300,000 unwanted fetuses a year is not bad enough, Planned Parenthood has found a new income stream tragically dangerous to young women nationally. Planned Parenthood now offers hormone treatments and counseling to young people who want to transition their gender.

These are statements from the Planned Parenthood Website:

  • Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy with Informed Consent
  •        Join our Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) Patient Advisory Council
  •        We’re looking for any patients receiving estrogen or testosterone therapy at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts to join our quarterly patient advisory council with other trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive patients. We want to hear your feedback to help our program improve and grow! Participants will be compensated $200 for their time and will have their meal costs covered during the session.
  •       We provide surgical support letters for gender-affirmation surgery!
  •       Planned Parenthood now provides surgical support letters to established patients seeking gender affirmation surgery. 

Planned Parenthood is now a one-stop resource for counseling, treatment regimens, and approvals for life-altering surgery. Planned Parenthood is not new to this industry. They have offered “transgender care” since at least 2017. However, it’s notable that since the ruling on Roe V. Wade, they have expanded their offerings as the services become more popular, particularly amongst young people, and the income from Abortion services declined.

Not just a source for treatment for patients over 18, in several states, including California, Oregon, and Washington, minors as young as 12 or 13 can receive “mental health treatment,” including “gender identity affirmation,” without parental consent or disclosing information to parents. 

Sadly, Planned Parenthood began receiving federal funds in the 70s when Republican Richard Nixon started it. Like any other program in Washington, the money flow becomes perpetual once funded. Planned Parenthood has never been anything but a political money-making machine. The problem for me is I do not want to see a dime of my tax dollars funding abortion or gender transitioning. That perpetual funding needs to stop. This would be a great organization to break tradition and lose Government funds.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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