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Kristi Noem Reveals The Candidate She Thinks Has An ‘80% Chance’ Of Becoming Next Speaker

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota said Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has an “80% chance” to be the next speaker of the House of Representatives.

Jordan announced his candidacy to replace former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California, who was ousted Tuesday when eight Republicans joined 208 Democrats in supporting a motion to vacate the chair, Wednesday. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana is also running to succeed McCarthy.


“I think you know, there’s a lot of people that are considering throwing their hat into the ring for this leadership position,” Noem told Newsmax host Eric Bolling. “To be honest with you Eric, there’s an 80% chance it’s gonna be Jim Jordan. I think he’s probably the guy that most members will land on and give the chance to do it.”

“I do think it’s a very difficult job and when John Boehner resigned, everybody rallied around Paul Ryan filling that role, and I know it was incredibly difficult for him and he didn’t leave in the best of circumstances with the same reputation that he had before he was speaker, so I do know that it’s a challenging job,” Noem added. “I feel like whoever they choose, there’s a bit of setting them up to fail because the expectations are so high.”

Jordan currently chairs the House Judiciary Committee and that committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. McCarthy also designated Jordan to lead the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden alongside Republican Reps. James Comer of Kentucky and Jason Smith of Missouri.

“I do think that there’s going to have to be someone who’s proven that they’ll fight when it’s important, someone who will investigate the corruption in Washington, D.C., see and that most of these members at the end of this consideration period, they’ll probably land on Jim Jordan, is what I’m thinking,” Noem said.

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  1. She’s right and I am praying that Jim Jordan becomes the new Speaker of the House. He is the ONLY member of Congress to ever get 100 rating from the American Conservative Union for the last 14 years he has been in office. He’s also chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and on the Biden impeachment inquiry. A staunch fiscal and social conservative he’s been one of the most outspoken voices against Biden’s weaponization of the DOJ, the kangaroo court Jan. 6 committee, Biden’s open border, the never ending and completely unaccountable billions to Ukraine and much more. We might finally get some real conservative leadership in the House after all. Next step will be getting the Presidency and ousting McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate in 2024. Then there may be some hope to save our once proud Republic.

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