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Israel In The Bullseye, Conflict Circle To Grow

Israel has been the epicenter of the conflict between her and Hamas since October 7. Hamas started this battle with an insurgence through the usual steadfast boundary around Israel, and these animals butchered, burned, killed, and abducted anyone in their path. Over 200 innocent Israelis and Americans were taken back into Gaza and hidden deep in the tunnel system below Gaza. These captive hostages were now human shields for Hamas. Over 7,000 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel in the seventeen days since the initial attack.

The fighting was first on the southern border of Israel but has spread to the north as Hezbollah has joined the attack on Israel, launching additional missiles into Israel and testing the limits of the Iron Dome. Hezbollah operates out of Lebanon, but evidence is abundant they are funded and supported by Iran. There is no doubt that Iran is pulling the strings on both of these terrorist groups and will probably enter the battle when Israel launches its ground attack on Gaza.

The United States Navy has three powerful groups of ships in three seas in the region where they can prevent attacks on Israel and launch attacks against any country that joins the fray. Though thousands are in ready mode, U.S. ground troops are not in the area as yet. It seems inevitable that the U.S. military will join forces with Israel, but against which country is still unanswered. Plans are in the works to evacuate thousands of Americans, which gives credence to a more significant battle in the immediate future.

With the House of Representatives still in a quagmire with no Speaker, no aid package can be approved to assist Israel, but the Pentagon can still put assets in place and transfer equipment and munitions to Israel. Especially needed are missiles for the Iron Dome, which has effectively intercepted thousands of incoming missiles. Rumblings are heard across the entire Middle East, but there is no certainty which countries will actively join either side. Fringe groups are confronting U.S. military personnel in many surrounding countries. When the ground fighting pairs with the air strikes, we may see this battle spread widely in the region.

Hamas has released two hostages each of the last two days, but with still over 200 captives, the release pace is far too slow. Those released have indicated they were held underground, and the tunnel system is extensive. Any battle in Gaza will be three-pronged: ground, air, and subterranean. On Tuesday, a heated exchange between the U.N. Secretary-General and Israel’s Ambassador prompted a demand for the secretary-general’s resignation when he justified the attack by Hamas on Israel. This tone from the Secretary symbolized the anti-Israel feelings prevalent in the United Nations. Instead of doing its job to try and de-escalate the conflict, the feckless body threw gas on the fire. There is no timetable, but more apparent daily that this powder keg will blow at any moment.

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