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Iran Played Biden Like A Stradivarius

Last month, on September 11, which is as important a day to America as December 7, President Joe Biden released $6 Billion in frozen assets for Iran in exchange for five American hostages held by the evil empire of Iran. Biden bought the freedom of these Americans for $1.2 Billion each and established the market price for hostages in the future. He bragged about what a great deal he negotiated with Iran. Iran was negotiating with Biden in the front of the tent while training and funding Hamas in the back of the tent. Think about the good laugh the Iranians had that night while dreaming about the seventy virgins. They laughed at the weak and feckless Biden and the weakened America under Biden’s watch. They conned Joe, Blinken, and probably Kerry too out of $6 Billion. The naive Americans believed the money could only be used for humanitarian purposes. Iran considers killing and abducting more Americans precisely what they have done with Hamas.

Joe Biden is soft on Iran and has reversed all of the rigid restraints Donald Trump placed on the desert paradise. Trump had put the shackles on Iran’s nuclear program and oil production. Biden has put over $50 Billion in Iran’s war chest via oil sales alone. They used this money to equip, train, and support Hamas terrorists to invade Israel. On Tuesday, Biden addressed the nation and the world in a midafternoon speech claiming we will support Israel in whatever it has to do to retaliate, but never mentioned Iran in his address. He fears Iran, and they own this poor excuse for a President. The world has always looked to America and our President for direction when a crisis has risen its head. They have gotten nothing from the White House, leading to confusion and fear. That is what we have with Joe Biden. It is sad.

Iran is one of our four significant adversaries or threats in the world. The others being Russia, China, and North Korea. Russia has our attention directed at Europe with the conflict in Ukraine. We have already sent $billions in supplies and aid to assist Ukraine in its battle for sovereignty. China has marked the calendar in 2027 for Taiwan to either rejoin China voluntarily or be taken by force. North Korea has been testing ICBM missiles for years now with the potential to reach our West Coast. Iran has used Hamas to invade Israel, knowing full well that America will be all in to protect Israel. Whether planned or not, these four foes have now stretched the United States in four directions. Our military and economy cannot be effective on all four fronts.

For some reason, this Administration is not prepared to admit Iran’s role in invading Israel. Everyone from Biden to KJP is extremely cautious to avoid mentioning the word Iran. The specific reason is unknown, but our fear is what we have been concerned about since Biden took office: who owns or controls Biden, and how deep are their claws? We have to identify the players in this macabre drama. We are putting naval resources into the Mediterranean, but these are wasted resources until we know where to apply the pressure. Biden has to step up, call out, and point the finger at Iran, and let’s get to work putting this conflict down. We cannot afford to let this escalate to include other countries in the fray. The next 24-36 hours are critical for our President. I fear he is not up to the challenge.

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Ray Cardello

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