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The Biden Impeachment is a Huge Mistake

Impeachment is a HUGE mistake!!
I have always been for an ‘impeachment inquiry’, but not an impeachment. First, our goal shouldn’t be just the exposure of what Biden has done but what the entire govt has done & is doing. We need to try the entire govt in the public court. We need to expose the truth to the American public about what these agencies have done from a coverup to the suppression of our rights.
As much as they may protest, I believe that’s a cover, secretly the Dems want to get rid of Biden, he is a detriment to them & they know they can’t win with him. If Biden was impeached Harris is in charge, another nightmare for America, that’s the last thing we need. So, what do we do?
First, we need to realize this is a govt of ‘We the People,’ Congress is incapable of fixing this, but the people can. All the House should do is uncover the evidence & expose it to the public at the same time they should restrict funding to these out-of-control agencies which will cripple their agenda & allow America to survive until the Presidential election.
We need to keep Biden in office, let him continue to fumble & make a fool of himself & let him run for another term because some Democrats will realize, elect Joe & nothing will get better in their lives so they will vote against him & all we need are ‘some Democrats’ to turn. I can’t stress this enough; we need to keep Biden in office to the point where he is forced into a Presidential debate where all the House evidence against him & govt agencies will be exposed & they will totally collapse in full public view. Biden is incapable of surviving a debate, that is how we save America.
At this point we all need to contact the House & tell them we don’t want an impeachment; all we want is for the evidence exposed to the public. We also want Republicans to engage in this Presidential election as the Democrats do, early voting, ballot harvesting, etc we need to utilize all legal means in this election & we need to closely monitor it then it’s in the hands of We the People.
It’s important to realize we are not merely engaged in an election; we are engaged in a war against a Democrat party that has been overtaken by global forces intent on destroying America. It’s also important to understand who is the one person the Democrats don’t want in the White House? That is exactly the person we need in the White House; it comes down to common sense, this isn’t about personalities, it’s all about policies.
Did ya know natural gas is used to produce fertilizer? The govt’s restrictions on NG production, have caused a reduction in fertilizer production which has caused failing crops worldwide which leads to malnutrition & starvation, it also leaves Russia in control of fertilizer production, something else to consider when you vote. That is just one issue out of many including the border, the education of children, the economy, the list is endless.

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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