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The Acronym Is Not Growing, But It’s Power Is

I have written about BRICS in the past, but their latest activity requires a closer look. BRICS is an alliance formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to create an international monetary system and currency based on the gold standard. In recent weeks, six more countries have joined BRICS. These new members are Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The latest additions to BRICS bring the current membership to eleven countries, including some of the world’s largest economies and producers of oil. The primary goal of BRICS is to be the dominant global economy by 2050 and to make the BRICS currency the exclusive monetary system for petroleum trade, replacing the dollar. If successful, this bloc of countries will make the U.S. Dollar insignificant in the global economy and severely damage our economic value.

If this growth trend with BRICS continues, America will be forced to continue buying oil from OPEC but must convert dollars to BRICS currency to pay for our petroleum needs. We will no longer be able to use dollars to pay for our national debt or print money as needed. Our economy, and therefore our national security, will be in tremendous jeopardy with very little recourse.

Three years ago, we were energy independent and actually exporting oil and natural gas. If this condition continued, we would not be in a position to be negatively impacted by BRICS. Unfortunately, Joe Biden killed our energy dominance on his first day, bringing us back to buying oil from OPEC, Venezuela, and other unfavorable countries. BRICS will further complicate our energy needs and purchases, and the blame for this situation lies entirely at Joe Biden’s feet.

As the BRICS leaders met in Johannesburg, President Joe Biden’s administration renewed promises to step up funding for the developing world through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. As usual, the Democrat response to any threat is to throw money at it.

Washington publicly played down the BRICS expansion, saying that countries can choose their partners. Sullivan, noting the vast policy differences among the nations, earlier told reporters, “We are not looking at the BRICS as evolving into some kind of geopolitical rival to the United States or anyone else.”

Biden and the Democrats do not see BRICS as a problem that needs to be addressed directly. These are the same people who scoffed at Mitt Romney for calling Russia our greatest geopolitical foe. These people are no longer laughing as we spend billions to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia. NATO countries are on high alert against a possible Russian expansion of its Ukraine assault.

Those of us who have been critical of Joe Biden look at the possibility that Biden’s hands are tied because of his illegal money laundering scheme, including money from Russia and China. Biden’s poor policies continue to hurt us at home, and his illicit activity with his son Hunter is hurting us globally.

We must continue monitoring BRICS, note the countries that join the pact, and reverse course on our energy programs. Joe Biden is not concerned about any of these and gives us another reason not to provide Joe with another four years in the White House.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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