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Soros Is Not The Only Wallet We Need Fear

Money from foreign players is not allowed in American politics. George Soros is probably the best-known foreign-born individual who spends millions of dollars annually influencing elections and policies. Soros was born in Hungary over ninety years ago and became a United States citizen very early. To say Soros is a Progressive is an understatement. He funds green initiatives and the campaigns of many Progressive DAs considered responsible by the Right for the demise of civil order in some of our bigger cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. As far Left as Soros is, his son and heir to the Soros fortune is further Left. Alex Soros is thirty-seven years old, and George has relegated much of the decision-making of the Soros Foundation to his young son. George Soros has a net worth of nearly $10 Billion, and Alex will have plenty of money to play with in the American political arena.

A new name has surfaced who is just as dangerous to America as George Soros, but this person has to be covert in how he spreads his money as he is not an American citizen. Hansjorg Wyss is a Swiss billionaire with a net worth of a paltry $5.1 Billion, and he enjoys spending some of that money each year to fund Progressive policies and candidates. Not being a citizen, Wyss had to set up a foundation or multiple foundations to spend his cash influencing American politics.

Through his $2.7 billion Wyss Foundation, his $232 million Berger Action Fund, the Democracy Alliance’s Democracy Fund, and the Arabella Advisors network of dark money, Wyss has joined other progressive billionaires like George Soros, S. Donald Sussman, and Pierre Omidyar in financing Democratic politicians and progressive activists. He has spent considerable money to buy five newspapers in Maine. Wyss has also attempted to buy newspapers in Baltimore, Chicago, and New York. Apparently, he plans to influence Americans by controlling their news source.

Wyss has to direct his “Dark Money” through a holding company or Fund; in his case, The Berger Action Fund is the primary funding source. Some of the recent donations are:

Nonprofits that have received millions in donations from Wyss funneled more than $3 million to Stacey Abrams, who won the gubernatorial Democratic primary in Georgia Tuesday, and another $3 million to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2020, according to the most recent tax filings for Fund for a Better Future Inc. This California-based nonprofit supports anti-Republican initiatives.

Fund for a Better Future received $14.7 million in donations in 2019 from the Washington-based Berger Action Fund, a nonprofit linked to Wyss, tax filings show. The Fund doled out $3,137,000 to Fair Fight Action Inc., a nonprofit connected to Abrams, in 2020 and $3 million to House Majority Forward, a nonprofit with ties to Pelosi.

This foreign money corrupts our already sad political system from the outside, which is supposed to be illegal. Of course, people with the means will always find a way around the rules, which is what is happening with Wyss. The laws must be tightened to eliminate the loopholes. We know this money is being funneled, and these funds must be shut down, not because the majority of money supports the Left, but because they are wrong.

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