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Kamala Explains The Climate Anxiety Theory

Kamala Harris, the Czar of Czars, has all the answers. She has solved why today’s young parents resist having children. You would think it has to do with economics or that today’s offspring will be the first generation of Americans to have a lower quality of life than their parents. However, according to Kamala, the climate gives parents pause when deciding to have children. There is no limit to what the Progressives will try to link to their climate theory. One thing that will surely curb the rising temperatures is taking the microphone away from any politician who blows nothing but hot air when they speak. There is no one with an iota of common sense who shares the Vice President’s ludicrous theory.

Contrary to Harris’ remarks, parents cite many reasons for not having children, and most are the result of decisions and policies of the Biden administration in just a few short years. The number one reason is economics. With the runaway Bidenflation, most couples live paycheck to paycheck, and no money is left in the pot for another mouth to feed. Apartments are in short supply, and rents are at all-time highs.

With the rising cost of living and incomes not keeping pace, both parents must work. If you can find adequate daycare, the price is so high that it consumes nearly one of the incomes. This conundrum puts you back at square one. The sheer cost of a child will thwart your future. Homeownership will be impossible, with supply driving up prices and mortgage rates pushing 8%. The American dream of owning a home has been changed forever. The plight of today’s married couples is not a concern for Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, or any of the elite, for they have theirs, and to hell with you.

That was just the numbers side of the issue. Good people don’t want to bring an innocent child into this world and put them through the indoctrination factories of our broken education system. They don’t want them to face the temptation and threats of a drug-riddled America. They can’t bear the thought of their young child facing gangs and a society that has abandoned morality and the rule of law because the Progressives see accountability for one’s actions as oppression. The good have given up their God-given rights and surrendered them to those who would steal them otherwise.

No, Kamala, the temperature has nothing to do with the decision to procreate. It is people like you and Joe who have deceived the American people into thinking you were acting in their best interests. It is you, Kamala, who has taken this great country and set it on a downward trajectory in three short years to its eventual death. Gaslighting is what you do best, but the light is growing dim. Your light will be out in fifteen months, and you will soon be a footnote in history. You had a chance to be a heroic figure, but that chance was squandered. But don’t be too hard on yourself. You never deserved the opportunity in the first place.

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Ray Cardello

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