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“Just Watch Him”

Karine can use the line, “Just watch him,” until she is blue in the face. She is still blowing smoke. 77% of Americans believe Joe Biden is too old to be President. You cannot get 77% of Americans to agree on the day of the week. Joe Biden is cooked. We have talked about his age, acuity, schedule, falling, bumbling speech, and all of it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is he cannot perform the duties of his office. He is declining before our eyes. Even the insiders in the White House admit they cannot believe the speed at which he is failing.

The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House by Chris Whipple is the latest book that gives us a look behind the curtain at the man who has been a fixture in Washington, D.C., for nearly 50 years. It may not be the look that Joe Biden wanted to give. There are some observations and comments that are very damaging to President Joe Biden. The truth is, they are what most of us have been saying about Biden for three years, but the Left refuses to acknowledge.

Here are some reviews about the new expose:


“The juicy new Biden book [that] is plenty revealing.” 

—Politico West Wing Playbook

“(Whipple is) exactly the person you want to talk to right now.” 

—John Dickerson, CBS News 

“In this feat of a book, Whipple assesses the Biden presidency at the halfway point [and] has managed what seems to be a first: a two-year running conversation with a White House chief of staff. Whipple’s comprehensive approach adds dimension to the news stream and Whipple shines when he lets people talk…The Fight of His Life is a herculean effort. For any future writer eager to describe Biden’s first two years, this will be the book cited first and most often.”

—New York Times Book Review

“An inside account of the President’s term…Whipple enjoys stunning access to some of the most senior policymakers in the country.” 

—Washington Post 

The American people have to face reality. We are allowing these lifelong politicians to stay in office far beyond their productive years. This is not just a Left problem, as Senator Mitch McConnel (R-KY) has gone blank twice in the last two months on camera. McConnel froze in front of reporters on Capitol Hill less than two months ago. He had to be led to his office by his handlers, only to return a few minutes later after he restored his faculties. This week, he had the same scenario in Kentucky. He was asked about his plans for reelection, and he froze. His handler prompted him, and he finally mumbled a response. He was then asked about the Kentucky Gubernatorial race and had to be prompted by his handler for an answer. This was a very sad event to watch, but we have been seeing it far too often.

Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Mitch McConnel, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and yes, Joe Biden are dinosaurs. Their families and staff are more in need of the trappings of the office than they are concerned for their loved ones. It is disgusting, and someone has to step up and stop this idiocy. These are our leaders, and propping them up in front of a camera has to be comical and inviting to our foes around the globe. Our adversaries see these elders and see our weakness. These people are not the image we need to convey. Our country has become a mix of old, incompetent leaders and immature, ignorant youth. It is a deadly combination with the future of our country in its sights.

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