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Is Hunter Finally Becoming The Hunted?

Many people have protected Hunter Biden, but it appears that the walls around the infamous First Son may be crashing to the ground. Hunter has had his Dad, the Senator, Vice President, and President, covering for the depravities of the Son. With what we knew and are now learning about Joe Biden, the Son has not fallen far from the tree. Whether his years of drug use, pornography production, womanizing, denouncing his illegitimate daughter in Arkansas, his tax issues, or his illegal gun possession, he has always had his Father and the system to keep him from accountability. When the Arkansas court was looking to serve papers on Hunter for a paternity suit involving his ex-girlfriend and their daughter, Hunter hid in the White House for weeks to avoid being served.

When he did not pay taxes on millions of dollars of income for two years, he blamed it on the illness of his drug use. He had the help of the IRS, the Justice Department, and a friendly special prosecutor to drag the tax case past the statute of limitations. Hunter thought he had escaped the Federal gun charge last month when his plea deal fell apart. He had tried to get immunity for any future charges as part of the deal. A Federal judge said no way. Hunter Biden is now looking at being indicted on the gun charges by the end of September. And the long-told story by Hunter of one gun has actually been proven to be two illegal handguns. The penalty for his crimes could amount to ten years in prison.

Weiss, who crafted the original plea deal, has done a 180 and is now pressing the case against Hunter. Many see these actions as an effort to protect the President at the expense of Hunter. Hunter may become a sacrificial lamb in this sordid case of Biden corruption. Will Hunter play along or show his true colors and turn on “The Big Guy?” Time will tell, but maybe this is all part of a master plan by the Democrats to solve the issue of Biden’s age and mental health. It could be that the 61% of people who do not want to see a Biden second term are finally being heard, and a Hunter Biden conviction on a gun charge could end the team of Biden and Harris for 2024.

In addition to Hunter, two other lambs may be brought to the sacrificial table. Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas may also fall on the sword for Joe Biden. Both men have been proven to be a part of the Hunter Biden escape from justice. After decades of uselessness, Hunter may now serve a purpose, but only to his Father, The Big Guy. Hunter has to go down for this crime, or the Democrats will never be able to live it down. This scenario is a test for two of their biggest causes: gun control and equal use of the law. Maybe we can look forward to some of Hunter Biden’s best work from behind bars. Prison porn and lousy art are two of prison’s best products.

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