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‘Illegal Intrusion’: Fani Willis Responds To Jim Jordan’s Request For Trump Investigation Docs


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis slammed Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s investigation into her conduct as “flagrantly at odds with the Constitution,” in a letter Thursday.

The House Judiciary Committee launched an investigation Aug. 24 into whether Willis coordinated with the Department of Justice (DOJ) in bringing charges against former President Donald Trump, requesting documents relating to her communications with federal prosecutors and officials, according to a letter Jordan sent Willis. Willis fired back Thursday, telling Jordan in a letter that he was illegally intruding on an active criminal case, violating Georgia’s sovereignty as a state and undermining the separation of powers.

Willis said that the intrusion into Georgia’s sovereignty is “offensive and will not stand.” She also rejected the notion that her motivations are political.

“Face this reality, Chairman Jordan: the select group of defendants who you fret over in my jurisdiction are like every other defendant, entitled to no worse or better treatment than any other American citizen,” Willis wrote. She later noted the idea her prosecution was for political benefit was debunked by the fact checking website PolitiFact.

Willis aimed multiple comments directly at Jordan, instructing him to “deal with some basic realities” and saying he “lack[s] a basic understanding of the law.” She recommended he read a book called “RICO State-by-State” to gain a better understanding of Georgia’s RICO statute.

“As a non-member of the bar, you can purchase a copy for two hundred forty-nine dollars [$249],” she wrote.

A grand jury indicted the former president, along with 18 others, on Aug. 14 for alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia.

Jordan did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. Fanni Willis cannot be described in any kind of family-friendly way. She is interfering in the upcoming presidential election and should be tried for treason. Appropriate penalty to follow.

  2. Fanni is just an angry and bitter libtard who is trying to make a name for herself by falsely charging Trump with election interference. She should be charged for abuse of powers. She will fund raise off of this and then run for Congress or Governor in Georgia in a few years. Maybe her and Abrams can team up and run for President and VP in 2028. They can call their ticket “Dumb and Dumber”.

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