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Hunter The Hypocritical Son

There are two themes that President Joe Biden has harped on as long as he has been in office. One is people paying their fair share of taxes, and the other is stricter gun laws. So what happens when the President’s son violates laws highlighting his disdain for both of Biden’s crusades? You hire high-priced attorneys who attempt to shoot holes in the Constitutionality of the rules your Father, the President, wants every American to live by. That may be the best example of hypocrisy in history. But we are talking about the Bidens, so should we expect anything different? Absolutely not.

Special Counsel Weiss indicted Hunter Biden last week on three gun charges. These charges primarily involve Hunter lying on his background applications to purchase a pistol. The charges claim he misrepresented his drug addiction, which nullified his right to own a firearm. There is visual evidence that Hunter possessed two guns, a revolver and a semi-automatic, but there is only proof of him applying for one. So much for details. Hunter’s legal team is trying to prove the unconstitutionality of drug addicts denied gun ownership. Somehow, that doesn’t align with Joe’s strict gun laws. No hypocrisy there, is there?

The other situation in which Weiss may file more charges and indictments is Hunter not paying taxes for millions of dollars of income over two years. Some violations have passed the statute of limitations, but some are still active. How ironic that the son of the President, who says the rich need to pay their fair share, has a deadbeat son who pays nothing on money earned illegally by shaking down foreign governments and companies. This is not the plot of a Tom Clancy book, but real life for the Bidens.

Hunter Biden thought he had beaten all these charges a few weeks ago, but that plea bargain agreement blew up when the Biden team got too greedy. Weiss was involved in the agreement, which would have given Hunter immunity from future charges. A Federal judge smelled out this rotten deal and killed it. Her actions also exposed Weiss as being soft on Hunter. He is now trying to save his reputation with multiple charges on Hunter. This could not happen at a worse time for Joe, as these cases will all be scheduled during the 2024 campaign. The networks must cover the case they have worked hard to keep under wraps.

The Hunter Biden situation puts Joe in a difficult position in many ways. If Hunter gets sweetheart or preferential treatment, the Republicans will use it during the campaign. If convicted, Joe must decide if he wants to pardon his son. He may pardon Hunter and retire if he has to go this route. This will be the only way to negate the Republican criticism and assuage the Democrats who want someone else on the ticket. Every Democrat and the Media had been supporting and defending Joe and Kamala. That changed dramatically this week, and the pressure now seems to be to force Joe to the sidelines. They now see what we have all seen for three years. Joe is not fit to serve four more years. He is not fit to serve four more days, but one step at a time.

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Ray Cardello

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