Does Anyone Else See A Resemblance Between Zelenskyy And Castro?

The military fatigue wearing rulers, Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine and Fidel Castro of Cuba, are striking in their resemblance to each other. Neither man seems to have any other clothes to wear aside from a set of military fatigues. I don’t recall if Castro ever actually spoke to an official American governmental body, but Zelenskyy did, and both men, when speaking to groups of Americans, wore only the set of fatigues that they thought defined a man of power, a man of the people and a man used to getting his hands dirty. And Zelenskyy has an irritating habit of puffing his arms out to each side of his body in order to give himself a muscular, Schwarzenegger, tough-guy look.

When Castro came on the national scene in 1959 he and his fatigues were seen everywhere, spouting freedom for his depressed nation while he imprisoned his own fellow Cubans. And now Zelenskyy, who at least has new, shiny and neatly pressed fatigues and not the crumpled bag of clothes that Castro wore, is making the same plea for his nation that Castro did: give me money.

The thing that tripped up Castro in America was his affinity for the Communism of the Soviet Union, whereas Zelenskyy is in the back pocket of Joey Biden, and Biden is also a person who loves to cozy up to Communists and other tyrants, and Joey is giving multiple billions of dollars to Ukraine as a result of Zelenskyy’s international begging for dollars. But we will have to wait years before we know the true actual dealings and promises made by Biden in exchange for the American public’s money being poured into Ukraine, if we ever find out.

Although Americans largely hope Ukraine can finally defeat Russia as punishment for Putin’s invasion of the former Soviet block state, Zelenskyy is less than pleasant in his treatment of Ukrainians who dislike him and are opposed to his style of ruling a nation.

Americans are worried that too many dollars are being sent to Ukraine when our own cities are being torn to pieces by crime and homelessness, and our borders are literally being invaded by numberless hoards of people we know nothing about, and no one really knows why they’re here nor what their intentions are for being here.

Americans have Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts to thank for the lawlessness of our domestic environment, and we can only hope that Biden is not selling our nation down the river to Russia, China, Iran and Ukraine, but it sure looks like he is.

Thanks, Joey.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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