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MSNBC Doubles Down On Propaganda

Watching MSNBC on the morning after the first GOP Primary Debate makes me question what I watched for two hours the previous night. The cable network feels that having as many talking heads on the screen somehow lends credibility to their narrative. When you have the likes of Mike Barnacle, who lost his job in Boston for plagiarism, and Reverend Al Sharpton, who made a fortune as a racist and then avoided paying taxes on his earnings, the field of political “experts’ is a fraud. Joe Scarborough tells the group what to say and think, Mika sits by his side with her bobbing head, and the panel spews the lies and propaganda the Left endorses. This network and CNN are dangerous for Democracy because they feed half of our country with filtered news and lies. They call the reporting of outlets like FOXNews and SKYNews conspiracy theories. Well, let’s break down their claims.

Russian Conspiracy With Trump

This is a favorite as they stretched this lie for over two years. The segment that was so rich was with Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton discussing the indictments of Donald Trump. Here is Hillary gloating about the system working where she beat and manipulated the system to avoid indictment and to influence an election….and she walks free. Sorry, Hillary, but the system is broken.

Trump’s Call to Ukraine

They impeached Trump on this lie, and now that the facts are available that exonerate him and point the finger of truth at Biden, the media avoids or denies it.

Hunter Biden Laptop

It was known but denied by the FBI since 2019, and the media conspired with 51 former Intelligence officers to validate the fabricated story. Hiding this story and its connection with Joe Biden cost Trump the 2020 election and gave us President Joe Biden. We will probably never see anyone held accountable for this charade, but the same people in on this fix call for Trump to be locked up for life.

The Biden Money Laundering Corp

We should have a separate tax rate for this type of business. With over 20 fake LLCs to funnel money through and documentation of Hunter Biden visiting 12 countries on Air Force 1 or 2 with his father, I have yet to hear a msm hack call for justice in this case. With the know take at over $20 Million by the Biden Cartel with no taxes paid, how many years in jail should Joe pay? Taxes are the least of the crime. How about treason for taking bribes from foreign adversaries? I will go to jail for saying it before Joe or Hunter do.

I could go on, but the cesspool is simply too deep. The Biden Administration, including the Justice Department and the FBI, is corrupt and inflicting unmeasurable damage on our country. Half the country will know nothing of these as they get their news from these ultra-biased cable channels or their network affiliates. How these people can look at themselves in the mirror is beyond comprehension. These righteous hacks, dozens of them, should all be stripped from the airwaves. They are the real propagandists. They are the ones who should be pointing in the mirror at themselves.

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