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Local NAACP President Calls Trump Signs Evidence Of Racial ‘Hatred’

The president of the Jacksonville, Florida, NAACP claimed that signs supporting former President Donald Trump were proof of racial “hatred” and called on the Justice Department to act.

Three people were killed by an armed man who committed suicide in a Dollar General store Saturday. The suspect previously tried to get into a library at a nearby college, but was turned away by security.


“I think the federal government and Justice Department are going to have to do a better job in exercising exactly where these hate groups exist,” Isiah Rumlin told guest host Rahel Solomon on “CNN News Central” Monday. “I mean, we see these confederate signs, we see the Trump signs, constantly on our street — on our streets. And we know from that standpoint, that there’s hatred, and we’re just going to have to deal with it in some kind of way, and the Justice Department needs to be right here today looking into it.”

The NAACP issued a travel warning targeting Florida May 22, citing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ opposition to an Advanced Placement course that reportedly contained elements of Critical Race Theory and so-called “queer theory.”

Former President Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation. Rumlin did not immediately respond to an email from the DCNF asking how the presence of signs supporting Trump were proof of racial hatred.

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  1. Just another ploy by socialism using race to further their agenda. Trump did more for blacks than any President since LBJ. Keep using the race card. You should have been around in the 50’s and 60’s if you think you have it hard. You don’t like Florida, move to California, New York, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota or Illinois then. Wow! A Trump sign your bent out of shape about? You don’t have enough real problems. NAACP should be dissolved. Colored people aren’t just black people. But blacks beating up senior Asians for no reason but Asians are not protected too? It’s a farce!

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