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Democrat Politicians Go From Promising A Chicken In Every Pot And Two Cars In Every Garage, To No Pot, No Cars And No Garage

The difference between the Trump years compared to the Biden years is so stark as to be frightening: Trump offered more industry, more gasoline and natural gas, and assured more prosperity, while Biden offers national poverty and a loss of constitutional liberties, in just two years.

Recently John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, said that we can never reach the leftist’s desired goal of net-zero carbon emissions unless the United States halts the farming and food production that is currently feeding not only the United States, but also large parts of the world.

Kerry’s words sound like Chairman Mao’s great cultural revolution in which tens of millions of Chinese citizens were starved to death in what he called the Great Leap Forward, if they were not arbitrarily shot for the slightest offense against the Great Mao. It now seems that Mao’s ideas are being warped and blended into Biden’s woke, radical left mandates, and his administration has no problem imposing and enforcing these radical proposals on the formerly free and prosperous United States.

So the farmers must stop producing any carbon in the growing of the nation’s food, and the rest of the American citizenry must give up their piston engine cars and buy a government mandated Electric Vehicle. But even owners of EVs are getting rid of these auto-company-bankrupting beasts because they are harder to operate and power and are less dependable than the old reliable gas-powered cars.

Why are farmers and city dwellers being told to get used to having less of everything they used to get so easily, readily and without government involvement? Because politicians need the power that the lie of global warming can bring to them, and threatening death on a burning planet allows them to inflict fear in non-thinking citizens, which allows Democrats to declare a new round of covid-like controls and mandates related to climate and health, in order to keep everyone in line with the new reality of living with less, but paying more, in America.

From the American working, saving and investing middle class, the government only takes, in the form of increased taxes and reduced choices, and under Joey Biden the government will continue to take and restrict even more. But now it’s also prohibiting many things that the constitution doesn’t allow it to prohibit, and in fact the constitution was put in place by our founders in order to keep the government from abusing its citizens, which is happening in spades under the Biden administration.

Republicans in Congress must keep investigating the Biden crime family and place every roadblock in the way of their completely destroying America and making us more third world than we already have become under twenty-first century Democrat rule. Democrats must be un-elected from all positions of authority in future elections so America can reverse its slide into perdition, and return to the greatness our founders intended when they wrote our magnificent constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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