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Catholics Not Acceptable For Adoption

You really cannot make this stuff up. The truth is wilder than fiction in the New World Progressive Order. Throw out logic and reason, and you can begin to understand the rules of the new Woke world. A couple in Massachusetts has been denied the right to foster a child because of their Catholic beliefs and views on the LGBTQ lifestyle. 

Massachusetts couple, Michael and Catherine “Kitty” Burke, began the monthslong application process with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to foster or adopt a child in 2022. This process involved numerous interviews with DCF bureaucrats who would determine the couple’s ability to properly raise a child in today’s WOKE society. It is no longer enough to be good people willing to take on the responsibilities of raising a child needing a home. Today, you must convince the elite that you will raise the child within the guidelines of the warped Progressives who know what is best for every child. The Burkes have filed a complaint this week with the Massachusetts DCF. 

Following their interviews, a social worker issued an “approval with conditions, specifically around religion and LGBTQIA++ related issues.” The complaint states that the department’s Licensing Review Team later denied their application. The report attached to the complaint said the couple was asked how they would feel if a child in their care identified as LGBTQ or struggled with their gender identity. Kitty Burke said, “let’s take the “T” out of it,” and called gender-affirming care “chemical castration,” according to the report. Their beliefs were not what DCF wanted to hear from the perspective foster parents. Although the transgender community apprises only 1-2% of the population, DCF cannot ignore this powerful group of individuals. They must yield to this small minority or be called on the carpet and canceled or ostracized for life.

One of the Burkes’ attorneys, Lori Windham, senior counsel at Becket Law, a nonprofit legal group focused on religious liberty, told NBC News in a statement that the couple was “shocked” when their application was denied. 

“The Burkes were devastated to learn they were denied a license to foster or adopt any child in the Massachusetts child welfare system. They are asking the court to get rid of that discriminatory denial so that they will not be barred from fostering or adopting children in the future, in Massachusetts or elsewhere,” Windham said. 

The DCF wanted to deny their current application AND blackball the Burkes from any future attempt to adopt or foster in Massachusetts. Clearly, this agency has gone off the rails.

Close to 10,000 children are awaiting foster or adoption in Massachusetts and over 100,000 nationally. These numbers are obviously on the low side as they are given by our government which has lost 85,000 immigrant children in the system. Yet these bureaucratic hypocrites claim they are looking out for the children’s best interests when they deny parents for being too religious or against chemical castration. You can add DCF to the other alphabet-soup agencies in this country that have grown too powerful and beyond repair. The latest stats show that 800,000 government jobs are “non-essential”. Eliminating these positions would be an excellent place to start government reform and shake up the remaining federal workforce. It also would help solve the labor shortage in the private sector. We need someone with a spine at the top to pull the plug on the system, and that is why the system wants to see Donald Trump in jail and not the Oval Office.

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