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The Biden Family Security Policy: Keep Your Enemies Close, Your Friends Closer, And Keep Hunter Under Constant Observation

The fifty-something, fully-grown Daddy‘s-boy, Hunter Biden, who is a middle-aged father and husband who still lives with his father, is fed by his father and travels on Air Force One every place his Daddy goes, has been a poster-boy for how to be a crook and a threat to America’s national security with no punishment at all, and demonstrates to the world how dirty the Biden family is.

Joey Biden and his family are proving to be even more dysfunctional than the Carter family when Jimmy’s idiot brother, Billy, was on constant display, but in fairness, Hunter is only doing what he learned from Joey as being the right things to do.

Most recently the White House has become contaminated with cocaine, which is the only product Hunter is completely familiar with, aside from the sale of influence within the United States government, and its crooked dealings with foreign powers, all of which crimes were committed while Biden the Senator, Vice President and now President, was in office and had the ability to peddle favors to our foreign enemies.

And on a related Biden issue, why would Hunter’s baby-mamma want to have the Biden name attached to Hunter’s ignored and shamefully treated daughter, when the Biden name will likely be forever associated with the names of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot when international criminals are listed in history books.

The Delaware white-trash currently polluting the White House and pestering the nation with corrupt politics, is successfully competing with Appalachian, back-country poverty stricken people for the title of real, American Hill Billy trash. Our nation must remove this gaggle of fools in 2024 and regain a nation that adheres to our constitution and operation under law.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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