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Middle Schoolers Cannot Handle Slavery


I heard the line today that became the title of this article, and I choked on my drink. The topic for today is the new Black History Curriculum developed in Florida for Middle Schoolers. Governor DeSantis assembled a team of scholars, including two Black intellectuals, to write an accurate account of slavery in America. This team nailed the project from most reports and published the most profound, honest history of slavery written for public schools. Many are saying it should be used in all 50 states. ‘Many’ does not include Kamala Harris.

Vice President Kamala Harris seized the opportunity to fly to Florida and shred the team that wrote the curriculum, and Governor Ron DeSantis for approving the project to publish the comprehensive history of slavery in America. This document is over 200 pages, and I doubt the Vice President or any talking liberal heads condemning it have read the work. The fiasco created by these antagonists is fabricated and shows what happens when you take one section of a piece out of context. Not that she needs any help, but Kamala Harris has used this story to make a fool of herself. She obviously has little on her plate or could not have changed her itinerary on the fly. Harris delivered one of her more dramatic oracles. Unfortunately for her, she was emphatically voicing her issue about a non-event.

The media jumped on this story with the usual vigor. Talking heads echoed the Vice President’s sentiments. Obviously, these folks, like the VP, had not read the entire document. FOX NEWS did their homework, dissected Kamala Harris’s words, and discussed the whole document. They had the Black intellectuals on their prime-time shows to explain their work. Only one reporter on CNN called out the Vice President. Harris keyed on the section detailing the skills the enslaved learned as part of their duties. These skills helped some of them when they were freed from their enslavement. She said this was insulting to every Black person. She neglected the rest of the curriculum that keyed on the horrific life that the enslaved Blacks were bought into.

The interesting argument used by some backers of Harris’s words was that Middle Schoolers are not ready for the factual account of slavery. When asked why Middle or elementary school students are mature enough for transgender talks but not slavery, the supporters went quiet. The hypocrisy is rich.

Harris traveling to Florida was more of an attack on DeSantis than this proposed curriculum. This trip was a campaign stop, and its purpose was clear. How sad that Harris has been praised for this one activity in nearly three years was debunked as a bogus premise. The only positive of Harris’ speech was that it was not a word salad, and she did not laugh her way through her presentation. That shows how low the bar has dropped with the Biden Administration. She has her staff prepare an enthusiastic, though erroneous, speech and the media laps it up and calls her a powerful leader ready for the challenge of her position. Maybe Kamala should have taken a later flight, and she and her staff could have used the time to research the reason for her trip. Had they done that, they would have done her well to shut down Air Force II or take her to the Border instead.

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