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Maxine Waters Claims ‘Everyone’ Has To Get On Board With Woke Investing or Else

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California claimed Wednesday that “everyone” had to start backing “ESG” considerations in investing in order to save the world.

“It’s unfortunate because it’s inevitable that everyone is going to have to participate in dealing with the environmental crisis, social activity, and of course, corporate governance and so, even if these attempts to deny or to delay are taking place, in the final analysis, we are going to have to have ESG,” Waters said during an interview with “Squawk on the Street” co-host Sara Eisen.


“So, yes, we’re paying a lot of attention to it. We’re going to fight back against these attempts to deny or destroy the whole idea of environmental, social, and governance, but we have to do it in order to save this planet,” Waters continued.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), also known as “sustainable investing,” according to the Corporate Finance Institute, can factor in corporate policies on gun control, environmental issues, abortion or other issues in addition to or instead of strictly looking at a corporation’s profitability.

Critics of ESG pointed to crises in Sri Lanka, which banned chemical fertilizers that resulted in a 50% drop in crop yields in 2021, and Ghana, which suffered blackouts.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida signed legislation May 2 that prohibited state agencies and local governments from considering ESG when issuing bonds, barred banks from considering “social credit” when making loan decisions and prohibited discrimination on the basis of political, social or religious ideology.

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  1. Biden may have more of a brain left than Mad Maxine. That old bag of rotting and smelly flesh needs to go away. It’s good knowing she’ll have to answer to God for all she has done…

  2. What a fool! ESG is for demons to use. No one in their right mind will adhere to ESG rules, especially when it involves their money~

  3. Waters is undesputable living proof that Australopithicus robustus is NOT extinct.

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