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It Turns Out The Driving Range Of Electric Vehicles Is Even Worse Than Advertised

Electric vehicle manufacturers have exaggerated the driving range of their vehicles by more than twice as much as advertised in some cases, according to a study by SAE International.

On average, electric vehicles (EV) fall short of their advertised range by 12.5%, according to a study by SAE International. The study included 21 different brands, and revealed that EV manufacturers as a whole inflate the range of their vehicles far beyond their actual capabilities.

Tesla seems to be inflating the numbers far more than other brands. SAE International revealed that the range displayed on Tesla vehicle’s dashboard is 26% lower than the car’s ability.

This led to a slew of service requests by Tesla customers. The employees denied these requests because, in reality, the batteries did not need to be fixed; they were just operating at a level far below advertised. Tesla employees were informed that they save the company 1000 dollars every time they turn down a service request.

The exaggerated range can be attributed to the testing procedures prescribed by the EPA. Although most manufacturers follow these guidelines, Tesla uses additional testing that may boost the car’s purported range.

“I’m not suggesting they’re cheating. What they’re doing, at least minimally, is leveraging the current procedures more than the other manufacturers,” said Gregory Pannone, an expert on EV’s.

This is not Tesla’s first time being accused of such transgressions. South Korean regulators fined Tesla $2.1 million for exaggerating the performance of their vehicles in 2019. The fine came after it was discovered that Tesla cars drove half of their advertised distance when used in cold weather, according to Reuters.

Tesla did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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