Fox News Highlights Communist Marxist Anti-American Revolutionary Angela Davis

Colleagues have said that [Betty Reid Soskin] is like Bette Davis, Angela Davis and Yoda all rolled into one.

FoxnewsArthel Neville celebrating the life of Betty Reid Soskin, Mar 13, 2022

During Women’s history month in 2022 Fox News’ Arthel Neville celebrated the life of Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest national park ranger, 101, at the time, saying that Soskin has been compared to the communist Marxist “philosophy” professor Angela Davis (who purchased the guns for her “security service” used to kill 4 people in a takeover of a courthouse in San Francisco, landing her on the FBI’s most wanted list).  Davis became a fugitive.  In her autobiography, she explains that she hid at friends’ homes and moved only at night.  On Oct. 13, 1970, the FBI arrested her at a Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge in NYC.  She was later found not guilty by a California jury.  

After her acquittal, Davis went on an international speaking tour in 1972 which included a trip to Cuba where she was welcomed as a member of a US Communist Party delegation in 1969 by communist “president” Fidel Castro.   Castro had presided over the “show trials” after the 1959 revolution that resulted in “summary executions” of many people.  Stokley Carmichael, founder of the Black Panther Party and leader of the All-Africa Revolutionary Party, who once stated that he never admired any white man but praised Adolf Hitler as a genius, and once said that the position of women in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was prone, was also there. Assata Shakur who escaped from a U.S. prison and fled to Cuba after she was convicted of the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper was also there.  Very touching! 

In 1971, the CIA estimated that 5% of Soviet propaganda efforts were focused on the campaign to support Angela Davis. In August 1972 Davis visited the Soviet Union at the invitation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and received an honorary doctorate from Moscow State University.  On May 1, 1979 (“May Day” is one of the most important holidays in communist countries in which vast military hardware is exhibited) she was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize from the Soviet Union.   She visited Moscow later to accept the prize where she praised “the glorious name” of Lenin and the “great October Revolution.”  In Sept of 1972 she visited East Germany and vowed to return to the US  “to tell our people the truth about the true function of this border.”  Apparently, Davis believed the Berlin Wall was to protect the people of East Germany by preventing them from fleeing, at the risk of their lives, to the West. 

In the mid-1970s Davis developed a relationship with Jim Jones’ socialist paradise in Guyana.  Davis made a statement of support for Jone’s “People’s Temple” during the “Six Day Siege” for their anti-racism efforts. She also said that “When [the People’s Temple is] attacked, it is because of your progressive stand.” On February 28, 1978, Davis wrote a letter, in which she called Jones “a humanitarian in the broadest sense of the word to President Carter, asking him not to aid efforts to retrieve a child being held at Jonestown. Actually, no!  Soon after Jones, who was a drug addict sex abuser, killed most of the members of his community, including the children, by giving them poisoned Kool-Aid. 

Davis, who describes the US prison system resembles a new form of slavery, calls the US prison system the “prison–industrial complex” and calls for its abolition.  She helped found “Critical Resistance,” a national grassroots organization dedicated to abolishing the US prison system because of the disproportionate number of incarcerated African-Americans.  She does not, apparently, accept that people are incarcerated for committing these things called “crimes” (that is, hurting people, including black people).   

Davis supports a boycott and sanctions campaign against Israel but not, apparently, of Arabs that fire rockets into Israel that often hit schools and civilian areas.

Davis was honorary co-chair of the January 21, 2017, Women’s March on Washington. The organizers’ decision to make her a featured speaker was criticized by Cuban-born Humberto Fontova whose father was imprisoned by the Castro regime when he was 7 years old.   Her inclusion as a speaker was also criticized by Soviet-born Libertarian journalist Cathy Young because Davis’ “long record of support for political violence in the United States and the worst of human rights abusers abroad” undermined the march.

Naturally, since Davis has long been an avowed anti-American communist Marxist revolutionary who once made the FBI’s “most wanted list” and leaves a long trail of bodies in her wake she has received many honors and awards, far too numerous to mention, from academic institutions and universities around the world. 

For reasons that have now become too obvious to mention, Davis presciently supported Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election because he “‘can be most effectively pressured’ by the left.”  Well, she is right occasionally.  Communists and Marxists do have an excellent eye for moral and cognitive weakness.

Soskin claims she was never a communist but admits being told that she was a Marxist. She did, apparently, have many associates who were communists, which she attributes to the fact that many blacks were communists at that time.  Soskin has led an interesting life and appears to be a great lady.  She may well be correct that her associations with communists were innocent and due to the circles in which she moved at the time. 

However, this article is not about Soskin.  It is about Fox News’ peculiar drift to the Left and celebratory comparison of Soskin to Communist revolutionary Angela Davis.

On election night 2020, after it became clear that Biden has “won” the election after all the bags of votes appeared at 3 AM, Fox’s Katheryn Murdoch tweeted out, “We did it!!!,” not, apparently, grasping that it was not Fox’s job to “do it” for Biden.  Yes, Fox “did it” and the results, in the disastrous Afghan pullout that benefited China so much, the highest inflation in 40 years, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, crime out of control on US streets, censorship and prosecution of Biden’s political opponents, Biden’s disastrous open southern border, China humiliating the US, Joe rambling incoherently and nibbling little girls, etc., and, in general, the “monumental disaster” of the Biden presidency. Congratulations Katheryn!  You geniuses helped produce all that.  Katheryn must be especially proud of the record of 853 deaths, including children, at the Southern Border under Biden’s open border policy in 2022

Recently, Foxnews fired Tucker Carlson, the most popular host on cable TV in US history, but held an extravagant party for “crackpot” Geraldo Rivera on his departure.   One sees more and more “liberal” talking points, e.g., on guns and the climate, on Fox, including a factually incorrect discussion of gun violence by Arthel Neville and Judith Miller. 

Despite some commendable survivors still at Fox, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Steve Hilton, Tammy Bruce, Pete Hegseth, Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine, Jesse Watters, etc., one has to wonder what is going on at Fox?  Do they even know their audience anymore now that the Murdoch children have taken over?  

Fortunately, Tucker Carlson, who is, apparently, more popular than Foxnews, is forming a new news channel using Twitter.

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