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Can Anyone Answer A Question?


Ignorance is bliss, or so it seems, in the President Joe Biden Administration. Everybody with a microphone in their face is as scared as a person at Karaoke Night for the first time, and they don’t know the song. It does not matter if it is Joe or the lowly Pete Buttigieg, if they do not have a pre-approved lie to answer the question, they just go blank. Since Biden vowed the most transparent administration in history, blank must be a shade of transparent in the Crayola 64 count box.

We already know that the President is not allowed to take questions unless they have been screened and his staff-supplied answer is in his hand. This is so embarrassing for our President and so funny for the rest of the world that SkyNews from Australia has a weekly feature with Joe’s blunders. The world sees our President as a comedy routine. Biden skipped the NATO dinner this week, claiming exhaustion from working four straight days. Maybe he should run for President of France. They work a much shorter work week. Seriously, can it get any worse?

Actually, yes. Thinking Biden sees himself fit for six more years is frightful. Then there is Kamala. Our Vice President claims she was a District Attorney and must have seen a courtroom in her career. Her closing arguments must have been must-see TV. Never has a person used so many words to say so little. Her “word salads” are famous and expected. SkyNews runs her bloopers after Biden’s for a Double Feature.

Then we have the Cabinet. This diverse fiasco should not ever see a microphone. Blinken, Mayorkas, Yellen, Buttigieg, and Granholm fill the air on Left TV.They are all like a cheap box of chocolates. As Forrest Gump said, “You never know what you are going to get.” There has been talk of impeachment involving most of these officials, but we are getting what we deserve. This administration was based purely on diversity and never on competency.

The Justice Department and the FBI have been weaponized against January 6th participants, parents of schoolchildren, Pro-Life Catholics, and anyone who says anything negative about Hunter. Jerry Nadler mocked Republicans during his opening statement of the Wray-FBI hearings on Wednesday. He claims that Republicans are caught up in a constant string of conspiracy theories, and no validity exists to these investigations.

The Republican-led House has done a good job developing the hearings into Hunter and FBI Whistleblowers, but nobody testifying will go on the record with an answer. Director Wray was elusive and would not commit to any question. He either did not know, had not seen the memo, or it happened before his tenure. It was a terrible performance for the head of our FBI, but should we expect any better. Wray does identify as a Republican, but obviously his loyalty is to the Bidens. He vehemently denied covering for Joe and Hunter, but his actions speak louder than any proclamation. His actions also betray his credibility, and with that, he fits in well in this horrid administration hellbent on destroying our great country.

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Ray Cardello

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