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Abortion Is Key To Military Readiness


John Kirby and Lloyd Austin showed Tuesday just how low the Biden Administration has taken the conversation, our morals, and our country in just thirty months. I have referred to Joe Biden’s need to “finish the job” in his second term, and I am convinced that means the total destruction of this once great country. Joe Biden has parlayed his mediocre talents into a lifetime of privilege and corruption at the expense of America and Americans, and to repay his debt, he is tearing our country down. 

Two of the key individuals he put in place are Kirby and Austin. John Kirby is a retired rear admiral in the United States Navy, serving as Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House since late May 2022. He is also the man the White House calls on to clean up after Karine Jean-Pierre. Lloyd James Austin III is a retired United States Army four-star general who has served as the 28th United States Secretary of Defense since January 22, 2021. He is the first African American to serve in this role. How each of these men rose to their respective positions in the military is a mystery, but how they have sold out to the WOKE culture is a travesty. In two separate appearances on Tuesday, both men explained to America how critical abortion is to the readiness of our military to protect us and how sacred a right abortion is to female military personnel. Sacred and abortion are words I would never link together in any context, but that is where we are in Biden’s America. It was not an accident that these two spoke on the same subject simultaneously. This was a purposeful effort to promote abortion. It was embarrassing and disgusting.

Taken from Kirby’s comments:

And — and our policies — whether they’re diversity, inclusion, and equity; or whether they’re about transgender individuals who qualify physically and mentally to serve to be able to do it with dignity; or whether it’s about female servicemembers — one in five — or female family members being able to count on the kinds of healthcare and reproductive care specifically that they need to serve — that is a foundational, sacred obligation of military leaders across the river. 

Healthcare and reproductive care, of course, refer to abortion. According to Kirby, providing abortions to female military personnel or the wives of personnel is a sacred obligation. Killing the unborn is never sacred.

Lloyd Austin responded that it is absolutely essential the military makes female healthcare and reproductive care available so that we can attract females and families to the military and be ready to protect our country. Thank God he did not get the memo that abortion was a sacred right.

If these two men wanted to discuss readiness, then they should have addressed the munitions shortage that Joe Biden let slip last week. We are nearly twenty years from replenishing our supply of arms and missiles. It is ludicrous that we are making that information available to our enemies. Still, obviously, our military leaders are more focused on killing the unborn than our enemies who may want to do us harm.

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