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‘Much Worse Than Expected’: CNBC Anchor Points Out Key Jobs Data Hinting At Possible Recession


CNBC anchor Kelly Evans reacted to a jobs report released Friday by saying the unexpectedly high unemployment rate increase may suggest the potential for an upcoming recession.

The country added 339,000 jobs compared to the 190,000 economists had anticipated, but the unemployment rate rose 0.3% to 3.7%, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data published on Friday. Evans remarked that such a large increase in the unemployment rate month-to-month often suggests an economic downturn.

“The increase in the unemployment rate is MUCH worse than expected…usually when we rise by a half a point from the lowest unemployment rate, it means the economy is going into recession,” Evans said on Friday, adding, “We just rose three-tenths in a month.”

Over 90% of CEOs said they are getting ready for a recession in the U.S. during the next 12–18 months, according to a survey by The Conference Board released in May.

“Remember all the celebration about the record-low Black unemployment rate?” New York Times economics reporter Ben Casselman tweeted on Friday. “Well, Black unemployment jumped by 0.9 points in May. These figures are very noisy, but again worth watching, because historically Black Americans have been the first to lose jobs in a recession.”

Moreover, the American economy slowed to a 1.3% annual growth rate in the first quarter of 2023, according to revised GDP statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) in May.

“I think, you know, the, the case of, of avoiding a recession is, in my view, more likely than that of having, having a recession,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated at a press conference in May.

The Fed has attempted to cool the labor market in an attempt to decrease continuing inflation. The unemployment rate has remained in the range of 3.4-3.7% since March 2022, according to the BLS.

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  1. “The increase in unemployment was much worse than expected”. And, unbelievably, the biggest increase in jobs was the addition of 56,000 government jobs! And those 87.000 new IRS agents have yet to be hired. Biden is the worst President in history; destroying our economy and our sovereignty and the most inept and disastrous foreign policies that we have ever seen. Giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban tens of billions of dollars of brand new military equipment as icing on the cake and killing 13 Americans in the process. Not to mention, sending 110 billion totally unaccountable dollars to the corrupt Ukrainian regime that is possibly walking us into WWIII. Yeah, recession is coming and that’s after record high inflation, gas prices, energy prices and watching your 401K turn into a 201K. Unless Biden is criminally charged and everyone of the lying Marxist, race baiting Democrats is voted out of office we are on the road to certain destruction.

  2. We have been in a recession for some time now. Just ask any American and they will tell you. The bias news media will never report the truth because their sole purpose in life is to protect a corrupt and inept old politician at any cost.

  3. POSSIBLE RECESSION??? What the hell do you think we are living Prosperity? Just because the major network news and the Whitehouse doesn’t mention it AT ALL, doesn’t mean its not here already! If they keep up the spending and giving billions of dollars away to other countries to boot, we are going into a depression!!!!!! Now they are cutting oil production and we will be back up and worse than last year for fuel prices….. This country’s destruction is not an accident —its being planned and done to bring us down.

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