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Moms For Liberty Compared to Nazis and the KKK


The Southern Poverty Law Center has released its latest list of hate and extremist groups in the United States. The usual listing includes the KKK, Neo-Nazis, The Proud Boys, and a new, surprise addition this year, Moms for Liberty. This addition shows how extreme the SPLC is; maybe they should be added to their listing.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation. Based in Montgomery, Alabama, it is known for its legal cases against white supremacist groups, its classification of hate groups and other extremist organizations, and for promoting tolerance education programs. When it comes to civil rights and public interest, the SPLC is very selective, and its interests do not include children.

Moms for Liberty is a grassroots organization of concerned mothers who came to the end of their patience with the current WOKE philosophies and have banded together to take action. These women do not just bitch and moan and hope for better days ahead. Moms for Liberty is taking an active approach to making positive change.

Moms for Liberty is an American conservative nonprofit organization that advocates against school curriculums that mention LGBT rights, race, critical race theory, and discrimination. Multiple chapters have also campaigned to ban books from school libraries that address gender and sexuality issues.

This labeling of Moms for Liberty shows how hypocritical and twisted the thinking of the Left has gotten. These people have no issues and celebrate events like Pride Night hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers that, included Drag Nuns. These “Nuns” were offensive and insulting to many groups like mothers, fathers, children, and anyone who respects the religious connection of real nuns. To protect the minute percentage of LGTBQIA+ supporters, these Leftists have no concern or respect for the feelings of the majority who find these demonstrations abhorrent. But have a group of mothers call out a local school board for the content of the curriculum their children are exposed to, and these moms are labeled Domestic Terrorists and subject to potential investigation by the Justice Department and the FBI.

The Moms for Liberty organization was formed during the COVID Pandemic. At the same time, Moms and Dads were pushing back against the school boards and the Governor of Virginia, who stated their opinion that parents had no position in their children’s education. The process of remote schooling because of the COVID lockdowns allowed parents to see behind the curtain, and what they saw awakened a fury. That fury is what the government, school boards, teacher’s unions, and groups like the SPLC are targeting. These groups are part of the movement intent on separating the family unit. The same group believes children should have the right to be transgender without parental consent. These groups believe children in Canada have the right to end their lives with the approval of a government-approved doctor and without parental consent. These groups feel the government is better suited to parent children than biological parents. 

These groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, are wrong and twisted and should be labeled dangerous and hateful to families, especially children.

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