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Joe Tells Us About His Fantasy Economy


Joe Biden took a victory lap on Friday to brag about his economy and the Debt Ceiling Bill he will sign on Saturday. An old saying is that numbers don’t lie, and liars use numbers. Joe Biden was a liar in turbo charge on Friday. The problem is with the media parroting every word Biden speaks like it is true. This Cabral is pulling the wool over half the country. Don’t try to debate them on the facts. Lies are the facts for Biden’s followers.

As Biden sat in the Oval Office addressing the country, he was reading stats supplied but never explained to him. Not that he would understand the concept. Every time Joe talks about the economy, he inevitably goes to the enormous number, which always gets him a positive reaction. Joe always claims he has created 12 million jobs, the most incredible job creation in history. Hogwash, or whatever synonym of BS you would like to use. America lost 11 million jobs as a direct result of the Pandemic. When the masks came off and people got dressed again, most jobs returned, accounting for the bulk of Joe’s magical 12 million. See how liars can use stats to pump themselves up.

May saw over 300K new jobs, which was above expectations. Hold on, though, as most reports in Biden’s term get revised, usually in the negative. Nobody ever sees the revisions. There is more to the raw number. Most of the new jobs are in the low-paying service sector, not in the higher-paying manufacturing, construction, or professional areas. So payroll growth was low. Wages are not keeping up with inflation. This shortfall is why people are dipping into 401k and savings accounts. It is also why credit is on the rise. People are spending but reaching for the plastic and not their cash. It is not a healthy situation; people are digging a hole just trying to keep up with Biden’s inflation. That is not a sign of a bustling economy, but Joe tries to convince us otherwise.

The two other items of note from the jobs report is unemployment is up, and the Fed will probably be increasing the Prime in June, which will hurt us all. Sorry, Joe, the only thing rosy is the garden outside the Oval.

Joe also took the opportunity to take a victory lap for saving the country and the world from the existential debt default. There is no threat as there is enough monthly tax revenue to cover all essential services. Default is more of an embarrassment than a threat. Joe and Karine Jean-Pierre bored us for weeks with claims and threats that Biden would not negotiate. He did. He caved, and Kevin McCarthy is the one who should be burning rubber and taking a lap. That is not how Biden and the media will play this bill. Lies, it is all lies, and the American people are numb to them. The whole thing is as sad as a poorly placed sandbag on stage in front of our feckless leader. Joe went down as quickly as his empty threats. Sad.

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