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Eric Swalwell Claims Biden Is Neither ‘Sleepy’ Or ‘Corrupt’

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell claimed on Thursday that President Joe Biden was not “sleepy” or “corrupt,” during an MSNBC appearance.

“The truth is, they have run this play before. Right? Donald Trump got impeached because he tried to use taxpayer dollars to get dirt on Joe Biden. It turns out, there was no dirt on Joe Biden,” Swalwell told “Deadline: White House” host Nicole Wallace. “I think the Trump Administration – or the Trump team doesn’t know how to define Joe Biden,”Swalwell added. “They want him to be sleepy Joe and corrupt Joe. You can’t be sleepy and corrupt. And the truth is, he is neither.”

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa said on Monday that recordings of then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden related to a bribery allegation exist, citing a review of a document known as a FD-1023.


Republican Rep James Comer of Kentucky and Grassley wrote to the FBI on May 3 to demand that the agency produce the document that reportedly details a bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Biden. Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, the ranking minority member of the House Oversight Committee, reviewed the document on June 5.

“He was impeached for the conduct. He launched this Durham report to try to undo every finding of the Russia investigation. This was this special counsel under his Department of Justice,” Swalwell claimed. “No indictment of consequence was brought. In fact, the two jury trials that happened, the jurors returned not guilty verdicts. There’s no evidence Bill Barr told Durham he couldn’t indict someone that he wanted to indict.”

Special Counsel John Durham released a report on the origins of the FBI investigation of allegations that former President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia on May 15 that found that the FBI “did not and could not corroborate” the claims from the now-discredited Steele Dossier.

Swalwell allegedly had an affair with Christine Fang, who reportedly worked with the Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China. Swalwell has denied any wrongdoing in his relationship with Fang.

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