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Who Is Making These Insane Decisions


Some of our big cities that used to be vacation and destination spots are now crime and drug-ridden hellholes that are bastions of homelessness. These are places where residents and businesses are escaping as quickly as possible, and local and state governments are at a loss for ways to reverse the trends. Chicago and San Francisco are two of the worst examples of how Democrat and WOKE policies are destroying these cities and their states. So you have to shake your head and question who is making the call to put the 2024 DNC convention and the 2026 Super Bowl in these two cities. We all have access to the same news stories and statistics, so what is the rationale or motivation to draw attention to these two embarrassing locales?

When the Super Bowl was held in Los Angeles in 2022, millions of tax dollars were spent relocating homeless people from the neighborhoods around SoFi Stadium. Making a good impression on the world audience was essential to the local and state politicians but not enough to address permanent solutions. Last week it was reported that there are 7,000 deserted RVs scattered around the streets of LA. The city cannot even get tow companies to move them as there is no one to pay for the tow and no place to store the RVs. Maybe we can rehab them and use them for housing for illegal grants!

In addition to these cities being in crisis with homelessness, they are not safe for the residents, and now you want to add thousands of visitors to the mix. Drugs are rampant, and the police forces are still understaffed from Defund the Police movements. Hotel rooms are used for temporary housing for the migrants bused from our Southern Border. If you cannot assure the safety of the people you are inviting to your city, aren’t you being irresponsible in asking them in the first place?

When the Major League Baseball Game was pulled out of Atlanta because of sponsor pressure resulting from election laws passed by the state legislature, the precedent was put down for today’s illogical decisions.

I do not claim to have the answers to the many questions posed today, but they appear to be politically motivated and coordinated, and the reach is spreading. Yesterday, the NAACP, which used to be an entity that helped America bridge the Black and White Divide, went off the deep end by declaring travel advisories for Blacks to stay out of Florida because it is now toxic to Blacks and Browns. The facts do not support this ludicrous claim. There are 1,200 people a day moving into Florida. They are White, Black, and Brown people who are excited to bring their families to Florida for the opportunities. The NAACP and BLM, even Al Sharpton, should be concentrating on places like Chicago and San Francisco. Still, none of these organizations or individuals can make a difference in the real world. They find it much easier and more profitable to push the political rhetoric.

An example of how this situation can escalate out of control and how the mainstream media will push it was broadcast on MSNBC. A Left Wing political strategist, Aisha Mills, was given time yesterday to take shots at Florida. She thanked the NAACP for protecting people like her and her family. As a Black, Lesbian woman, Mills felt unsafe on her recent family trip to the Sunshine State. She even went so far as to call Florida a terrorist state. There is no word strong enough to describe the lunacy of someone like Mills, who compares Florida to actual terrorist countries like Iran or North Korea.

We can never hope for the plight of these cities to be reversed. First, Liberals do not see the problems, and they realize there is more money made in crisis than in calm. The Liberals are willing to sacrifice these major cities and their residents if that means a longer tenure and more money for them. These people are what will eventually bury his country.

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Ray Cardello

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