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‘We Need Trans People!’: Dem State Senator Goes On Screaming Rant Before Trans Bill Vote

A Democratic state senator in Nebraska screamed and pounded on the lectern before a Friday vote to ban sex changes for children in Nebraska.

“Transgender people belong here! We need trans people! We love trans people!” Democratic state Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh screamed repeatedly in a video posted on Twitter.

“You matter. You matter and I am fighting for you. I will not stop,” Cavanaugh also said during the debate on LB 574, which bans sex-change operations on minors and also places restrictions on abortion. “I will not stop today, I will not stop tomorrow. You are loved. You matter. You belong here.”

Legislators in Nebraska’s unicameral state legislature passed LB 574 by a 33-15 vote Friday. Republican Gov. Jim Pillen of Nebraska is expected to sign the measure into law, location station 1011 Now reported.

Cavanaugh waged a lengthy filibuster against virtually every piece of legislation introduced in the Nebraska Senate over LB 574, including an ethanol bill, New York Magazine reported, noting that she intends to continue her obstruction into the next legislative session in 2024.

“I am just not in a place any longer where I can have a conversation with people where I don’t want to slap them at the end,” Cavanaugh told New York Magazine.

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  1. Why? Why do we need folks that make up less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the country?

  2. We finally have a replacement for that nutjob screaming “woman.” Cool. Don’t these people realize what absolute morons they appear to be when acting this way? Their arguments — as stupid and weak as it is already — get lost in their blithering stupid screaming performances. All I do is laugh at them. That’s the ONLY attention they deserve… as comic relief for normal people.

  3. Not all democrats are trannies but all trannies are democrats and they’re all friggin nuts!

  4. That squawker is a nightmare. She seems a bit “tetched” in the head, same as those whom she is cheerleading for and who are confused about what they really are.

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