NBC’s Chuck Todd’s Roosters Lay Eggs


I don’t know if Chuck Todd has roosters, but they would lay eggs in his world because there is no such thing as Male and Female in Chuck’s world. In Chuck’s world, there is no delineation between a person with XX or XY Chromozones. In Chuck’s Bizarro World, gender is not black and white, but a spectrum-a beautiful colorful spectrum, where your gender can be any combination of X, Y, or any other letter you may desire. Is it any wonder we have a confused generation of children preparing to rule the world? When did we go so far off the rails of logic and common sense that someone in an influential position like Chuck Todd can say something so ludicrous and keep his job? I don’t think it would be any more nonsensical if Todd did say he dines on rooster eggs every morning. Boy, I miss Tim Russert.

Todd tried in vain to explain his discovery of the “Gender Spectrum” in a heated discussion with Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on this week’s Meet the Press. Vivek is a brilliant individual who has proven himself in science and business. I am unsure how he maintaina his decorum interacting with these witless talking heads. This is not the first heated interaction for Vivek, and Chuck better hope he survives this debate better than Don Lemon did.

Vivek explained his belief that no child under 18 should be allowed to have gender-altering surgery. He said,

There isn’t a state in this union that allows you to smoke an addictive cigarette before the age of 18, that allows you to get a tattoo before the age of 18. That’s a body-altering change that a kid may later regret in life. 

 So, I think it is perfectly reasonable to say that if you’re after 18 years old, you’re free to decide whatever you want to do. That’s what it means to live in a free country,” Ramaswamy continued. “But below the age of 18, I think it’s perfectly legitimate to say that we won’t allow genital mutilation or chemical castration through puberty blockers.”

I think what he said was logical and fact-based, but that is when Todd responded with his version of reality. 

“Are you confident that you know that gender is as binary as you’re describing it? Are you confident that it isn’t a spectrum?” Todd asked. “There is a lot of scientific research that says gender is a spectrum.” 

Chuck did not cite any specific research he was basing his comments on.

You cannot have a rational conversation with anyone on the Left, not in today’s world. This inability to exchange thoughts and ideas rationally and civilly is why we are losing relationships with those of opposing political views. Until this dynamic is corrected, we will never bridge the widening divide between us.

As for Chuck Todd, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Joy Reid, Joe & Mika, and the list goes on, I often wonder if they ever listen to themselves. Al Sharpton used to be the extreme we measured ignorance against, but he is mainstream amongst this group. They feed off each other, and their attempts at sensationalism should probably be commended. It isn’t easy to lose a complete grasp of reality, but this group has done it.

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  1. A “man” like Chuck probably wears panties and bra while sipping his pumpkin spiced IPA and chomping on his evening quiche.

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