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How Many Retailers Closing Will It Take To Admit Failure

Nordstrom announced on Wednesday that they would close their two stores in San Francisco after 35 years of serving the fashion needs and wants of the Bay Area. There have been twenty significant retailers that have closed up shop in San Francisco since 2020. Shoplifting, robbery, and the safety of their employees are too important to remain in the City by the Bay. How many companies locking their doors as they close does it take before the Mayor, Governor, and President all admit that the plan to make America a Woke, lawless country is a failure?

San Francisco is a city that has survived earthquakes, the assassination of its Mayor, the COVID Epidemic, Former Mayor Newsom, and Representative Nancy Pelosi is being brought to its knees by a DA who won’t enforce the law and a population that is out of control. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and has been a tourist destination for worldwide travelers. San Francisco is still one of the most expensive places to buy real estate, but how long can it stay firm against this assault?

Gavin Newsom visited his former home city last week and did not make a good impression on anyone. He was caught on tape being asked by someone on the street what he would do to save Frisco. Newsom was arrogant when he snidely responded, “I thought you would tell me what to do.” He came across as pompous and holier than thou.

Nordstrom is not the first to leave Frisco; there will undoubtedly be more to close. Retailers that have already exited the Bay Area since 2020 are Whole Foods, Crate & Barrel, Marshalls, GAP, Office Depot, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Banana Republic. All of these companies ceased operating in San Francisco for the same reasons. They could no longer be profitable with the rampant crime and could no longer protect their employees.

We saw the video of Target last week in San Francisco, where every piece of inventory was locked up behind glass. You need a sales clerk to unlock a cabinet to give you a tube of toothpaste. Only those on the Far Left can call this progress.

Crime, deserted neighborhoods, and tent cities of homeless people pepper the sidewalks of former active downtown shopping areas. It is not just San Francisco. We have already seen Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago become shadows of their former greatness. Los Angeles, Denver, and New York are following suit. All of these cities are under
Democrat control. How can any rational person claim the Left’s policies work for America?

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country, with some of the highest real estate values. The local and state governments have abandoned the taxpayer citizens to maintain a WOKE and sanctuary city. These continued crime, drug, and homelessness issues will erode the value of people’s homes and make them unsaleable.

Correcting the parameters forcing businesses out of the city and state is impossible. The government is either complicit with the direction of the town, or they are powerless to make corrections. The future seems obvious. Gang rule will replace Democrat rule, and these cities will die away. Blindly trusting Democrats will prove to be suicide for all of these cities that are spiraling out of existence.

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