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‘Fired Immediately’: Ron DeSantis Pledges To Axe FBI Director, Clean House In DOJ

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed Wednesday to replace FBI Director Christopher Wray and to impose “real accountability” at the Justice Department following a series of scandals that have plagued federal law enforcement and the intelligence community.

“I would not keep Chris Wray as the director of the FBI, there would be a new one on day one, I think that’s very important,” DeSantis told Fox News host Trey Goudy. “In terms of an attorney general, you need someone that’s got a very strong backbone. You need somebody that knows that if you are going in there and you are taking care of business, The Washington Post is not going to like you, The New York Times is not going to like you, you are going to get attacked by CNN and you have to wear that as a badge of honor.”

DeSantis announced his candidacy Wednesday in a glitch-filled Twitter Spaces event, which saw over 600,000 people initially try to listen to the announcement and follow-up questions.

The FBI has frequently been accused of becoming politicized in cases involving pro-life advocates and parents protesting at school board meetings, and was involved in censorship of social media, according to documents released in the Twitter Files.

“I think the DOJ and FBI have lost their way, I think they have been weaponized against Americans who think like you and me and I think they have become very partisan,” DeSantis said. “Part of the reason that is happening is because Republican presidents have accepted the canard that the DOJ and FBI are ‘independent.’ They are not independent agencies, they are part of the executive branch, they answer to the elected president of the United States.”

Garrett O’Boyle, Stephen Friend and Marcus Allen testified at a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government Thursday about retaliation they faced after they raised concerns about FBI activities, noting their security clearances had been suspended, resulting in them losing their pay and health benefits.

“If the FBI or DOJ, whatever collude with a tech company to try to censor information, everybody involved in that would be fired immediately if I were the president,” DeSantis said. “And right now, I think those agencies have been able to go without any real accountability and so guess what, when there is no accountability, the bad behavior is going to continue.”

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One Comment

  1. De Santis fought and won against the COVID tyranny, school and college indoctrination, and against giant “woke” international corporations like Disney. He is the only Governor with the cojones to fire a Soros backed prosecutor for failure to fulfill his constitutional duties to uphold the law. Unlike Trump, he has no blind spots in his supporting cast. Imagine the damage Trump could have done to the “Deep State” if he had hired strong Attorney Generals instead of Sessions and Barr. Trump even supports the RINO’s McConnell and Graham and the horribly ineffective chairwoman of the RNC, Ronna McDowel. In contrast, De Santis has hired an outstanding Attorney General and has one of the best state Surgeon General’s in the country; who fought against the CDC mask mandates and helped expose the COVID lies. Also, unlike Trump, he speaks forcibly but clearly and articulately without wandering off track and the unnecessary and childish name calling. And don’t call me an anti Trumper because I voted for him twice, but simply know that he is too divisive to ever win again.

    On the other hand, De Santis got the most decisive Republican victory in the mid-terms in the country and changed one of the most “diverse” states from a purple state to a solid red state by 20 points. De Santis has both a military and legal background so he has the expertise to fight and not get fooled in either arena. He has proved he can win independents and even “old school” Democrats and Trump never will and he has done so without compromise. The Democrats keep throwing “fake” indictments and charges against Trump because every time they do, it fires up the Republican base and increases Trump’s funding and position in the polls. Beware, it’s a Trojan Horse. They know Trump can never win in the swing states (and therefore overall) and so they actually want to go against Trump and it is De Santis they fear. Clearly, De Santis is the future of the Republican Party but the only real question is; who can win in 2024? Because if Republicans don’t win in 2024, then it is likely that our Republic is doomed and the Socialist/Communist/Democrats will be in power forever.

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