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DeSantis Says It’s A Top Priority To Reverse Biden’s Energy Policies, Slams ‘Politicization’ Of Climate


Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida ripped President Joe Biden Wednesday during a Fox News interview, saying that reversing the president’s energy policies was one of his top three priorities were he to be elected president.

“I have always rejected the politicization of the weather and I think what we should be doing in the United States is focusing on being energy-independent and making sure that we are utilizing the resources… and oh, by the way, when you have market-based solutions and when you innovate, in Florida we have seen emissions go down dramatically in the last 10 years, but that is through market and innovation,” DeSantis told Fox News host Trey Gowdy.

DeSantis announced his candidacy Wednesday in a glitch-filled Twitter Spaces event, which saw over 600,000 people initially try to listen to the announcement and follow-up questions.

President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law in August, which included a tax credit for electric battery production and tax credits for various energy-efficient appliances and electric cars.

“What Biden wants to do, he wants take us in a direction where we are like Germany where we don’t have a reliable power grid, where prices spike,” DeSantis said. “California for example, they have a tough time keeping the lights on, and yet they want to ban the internal combustion engine?”

California has pushed to ban gas stoves, diesel trucks, and gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf-blowers in the name of combating climate change. In August, the state advised citizens not to charge electric vehicles to avoid potential blackouts.

Despite Biden’s push for electric vehicles, the Biden administration blocked efforts to start mining for copper and nickel near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in January, The Wall Street Journal reported. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency made a determination Jan. 31 that would block the mining of 1.4 billion tons of copper, gold, molybdenum, silver and rhenium in Alaska in order to protect salmon.

“We have to be real here, we gotta understand that reliable energy is something that is absolutely essential for a free society and we will make sure to deliver that as president,” DeSantis said.

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One Comment

  1. De Santis fought and won against the COVID tyranny, school and college indoctrination, and against giant “woke” international corporations like Disney. He is the only Governor with the cojones to fire a Soros backed prosecutor for failure to fulfill his constitutional duties to uphold the law. Unlike Trump, he has no blind spots in his supporting cast. Imagine the damage Trump could have done to the “Deep State” if he had hired strong Attorney Generals instead of Sessions and Barr. Trump even supports the RINO’s McConnell and Graham and the horribly ineffective chairwoman of the RNC, Ronna McDowel. In contrast, De Santis has hired an outstanding Attorney General and has one of the best state Surgeon General’s in the country; who fought against the CDC mask mandates and helped expose the COVID lies. Also, unlike Trump, he speaks forcibly but clearly and articulately without wandering off track and the unnecessary and childish name calling. And don’t call me an anti Trumper because I voted for him twice, but simply know that he is too divisive to ever win again. On the other hand, De Santis got the most decisive Republican victory in the mid-terms in the country and changed one of the most “diverse” states from a purple state to a solid red state by 20 points. De Santis has both a military and legal background so he has the expertise to fight and not get fooled in either arena. He has proved he can win independents and even “old school” Democrats and Trump never will and he has done so without compromise. Americans beware. Democrats keep throwing charges and indictments against Trump because they know that every time them do, it enrages the Republican base and gives Trump a surge in polling and fund raising. It’s a Trojan horse because they know they can beat Trump in the swing states (and therefore overall) but De Santis is the only one that can win there and so that is who they fear. Clearly, De Santis is the future of the Republican Party.

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