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Can Biden Keep The Law Away From The Cartel?


This week could be huge in the future of the Biden Crime Family and a test of the President’s belief in the rule of law. The First Son, Hunter Biden, may have made a critical mistake when he challenged the support payments he is responsible for to his daughter, Navy. Hunter faces a tough Family Court Judge forcing Hunter to open the books without redaction. It is ironic that with all of the investigations by the Federal Government, seemingly afraid to pull the trigger on charges for Hunter, a Judge protecting the rights of a four-year-old that may tear down this House of Cards.

James Comer and the House Oversight Committee are scheduled to divulge the Congress case against the Biden family, which involves accepting money from foreign governments for preferential treatment. This presentation would take the pressure off Biden’s Justice Department to levy charges against Biden or his son, Hunter. Another possibility, if the Justice Department produces charges before the House lays out its case, would be to charge Hunter with a couple of simple misdemeanors, including supplying incorrect info on a Federal Gun Application and Tax Code violations.`These charges would be tantamount to a slap on the back of the hand by Sister Superior and an affront to America-PERIOD!

Joe Biden went on the offensive this weekend by granting a one-on-one interview with the softball-throwing Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC. She fed him a question about Hunter and proclaimed there was no connection between Hunter and Joe. Why? How? Where does she get the authority to make that statement? That was a self-serving statement probably insisted on by the Biden Cartel. They are no longer the Biden Camp in my world. They are a crime cartel.

Of course, Joe answered that Hunter had done nothing wrong and is proud of his son, which drives him in his presidency. We can blame Hunter for America’s woes under Joe Biden if true.

Hunter has put Joe Biden between a rock and a hard place. If Joe sits back and does nothing, Congress and the Justice Department combined may put enough pressure to charge Hunter with serious charges that will implicate his Father and as many as eight other Biden family members. If he steps in and interjects or insulates Hunter, he may take a hit on FOX and Sky News, but nobody else will know what happened. That is the sad state of today’s media. The msm does not care. Biden can get away with virtually any crime, and they do not care.

It will be interesting to see what coverage Comer gets on Wednesday. I hope he builds a case that few can dispute. This family may be the most corrupt machine since the Kennedys and, more recently, the Clintons. Biden is dirty. He had gotten filthy rich on his name and the backs of the American people. He deserves to be taken down like a Confederate statue during COVID.

I think Joe Biden has the audacity to believe he is untouchable. I hope that arrogance brings him down and that America still has the backbone to stand up to politicians, even a President, who has taken advantage of their position to disrespect Americans for personal gain.

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