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Border Not As Bad As Predicted, No Thanks to Joe


Amazing how Joe Biden takes credit for the decrease in Border crossings as he claims White Supremacy was America’s biggest threat when he addressed graduates at Howard University on Saturday. Usually, the number one threat is climate change, but when addressing an all-Black graduating class, you have to patronize them using the White Supremacy card. Biden has nothing to do with the decrease as he worked to end Title 42 and open our Border to the world. The reduction results from the work done by the State of Texas and its National Guard to fortify the Border and force illegal crossers to pass through a formal checkpoint.

It is amazing how Secretary Mayorkas, one of the most inept secretaries in Biden’s cabinet, was also taking credit for the same results. Sorry, Mr. Secretary, everything you have done has been to erase our Border and destroy our sovereignty. Mayorkas should be impeached and charged with treason for allowing drugs, gangs, and terrorists to enter our country without vetting. He should send a thank-you note to Governor Abbott for doing his job for him.

The videos do not lie. Yes, there are definitely families crossing the Border, but the shelters in Texas are filling up with single males. One shelter designed to hold 1,000 people currently houses over 6,000 single men. As the camera scans the scene, you see middle-aged men with no women or children in sight.

People in northern and western states are starting to fight back against the government’s policies for handling illegals. A hotel in Newburg, New York, is expelling homeless veterans to make room for illegal migrants. Black groups in Chicago are livid that the city is moving illegals ahead of homeless blacks for shelter space. New York and Chicago have declared a state of emergency with the increased number of illegals entering their cities, putting a massive burden on states and taxpayers. California has erased a $10 Billion surplus and now has a $30 Billion deficit partly due to a stream of taxpayers leaving the state while the benefits given to the illegals grow. This problem is basic math with more dollars spent versus fewer dollars collected.

People allowed into America receive notice-to-appear orders with dates for their hearings in 2026. That is three years of limbo for these people, far from the humanitarian way that the Biden Administration claims they are treating these new illegal residents. These people arrive here with no money, most owe money to the coyotes, and they only have the clothes on their backs. These people immediately become a burden to the social safety net in whatever city they land in.

This Border Crisis exposes Biden and his feckless team for mismanaging the Border and having no specific plan for the millions who will be granted access. In the meantime, the gangs are swelling, and the amount of Fentanyl confiscated at the Border \grows. The amount gathered is not a good story, as it also means an increased amount making it into the drug underworld. Biden may be taking a victory lap on his bicycle in Delaware, but cities and towns all over the country are preparing for the culture-changing impact this wave of migrants bring with them. This story has no chance of a happy ending for Biden or America, and it will battle with the economy for the top spot in the 2024 campaigns.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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