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Black Mayor Wants Equality But Resorts To Race Baiting

Mayor Eric Adams of New York has been very vocal about the illegal migrants being sent to sanctuary cities nationwide by Florida and Texas governors. I will give Adams credit for going to the Border to witness the chaos himself. Still, rather than use his knowledge to pressure President Biden to fortify the Border, he is going after the Southern governors pulling the Race Card out of his sleeve. He says he never mentioned race, but I heard the undertones clearly. The illegals are bused to Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. These cities have two things in common. They are Sanctuary Cities and have Black Mayors. Adam’s comments ignore the first and key on the second qualifier. He claims these busloads of migrants are cruel to the immigrants and the target cities. Though he never said race in his comments, he did say the Black Mayor-controlled towns were targeted. That is pure race-baiting, and it is disappointing to be used by Mayor Adams.

Adams and the outgoing mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, say their cities can not handle any more illegals imported into their towns. They claim they are out of space and resources. This should trigger them to realize the burden our government expects our Southern Border cities to carry. Texas and Arizona are overflowing the glass, with far more people than sent to any of these sanctuary cities. These northern Mayors want it both ways. They want to declare their cities sanctuaries to fit in with the WOKE crowd. They never ran the numbers on what this might mean. They never imagined the influx of people they are experiencing today. It sounded good and scored points, but the reality is far more complicated. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona had no choice. They were turned into sanctuary states against their will, and other states should share in the burden and the bill delivered to Joe Biden.

The New York Post calls Adams’ comments “Race Baiting jiujitsu.” Adams is getting a tremendous amount of face time regarding the transfer of immigrants and is, of course, taking shots at Republicans. He claims DeSantis and Abbott are using the illegals as human pawns. He also makes the point that the Republicans have not done anything to improve our immigration policies, but he misses the more significant issue. Joe Biden and the Democrats have eradicated our Borders. Without Borders and a sovereign country, immigration policies mean nothing.

In a few days, Title 42 lapses, and large masses are staging in Mexico, ready to cross into America. We cannot handle the wave of humanity we are about to see, and the Biden Administration has done nothing to prepare. On Tuesday, Biden announced he is sending troops to aid, but they will only handle administrative duties to free up Border Patrol to work the Border. Biden’s concern is the efficient processing of illegals and not preventing them from entering the country. Biden is consistent. Every decision he has made has been wrong for America, and this one on Title 42 may be his worst. The security and health of America will be weakened in the next week, and Biden does not seem concerned.

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